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Do you regard the bathroom as an inconspicuous corner of your home? In fact, the bathroom can not be underestimated! It is closely related to our health. Whether the furnishings of the bathroom are scientific and reasonable marks your high quality of life. If you want to have a really comfortable bathroom, you must know some layout details

1. List various items needed in the bathroom

arrange according to the importance of the owner's living habits, such as toilet, lavatory table (column or basin), mirror, etc., and determine the necessary dimensions of all items. When the use of items is restricted by a narrow space, it is necessary to "choose and accept, and give up", such as using a mirror box to combine the functions of mirror and storage

2. Bathroom accessories are also an important part to ensure the comfort of life in the future

first of all, towel bars, towel bars, toilet paper holders, bathtub handles, soap boxes, cup holders, clothes hooks, etc. are essential, and the determination of their location and height determines whether they feel comfortable and convenient in the future. This requires designers to have certain experience and sufficient communication with the owner

3. Power supply design and electrical appliance use in toilet

electric water heaters, exhaust fans, hair dryers, washing machines, hand dryers are all commonly used electrical appliances in the bathroom, and the bathroom is a wet, even full of water vapor, its power supply and switch surface should choose waterproof brand products. In terms of location selection, it is necessary to ensure that it will not be directly sprayed by water

4. The selection of various sanitary wares and sanitary products is very important

in the home decoration market, there are many brands and styles. In addition to the appearance factors such as style and color, whether the structure and installation size can match their own situation is the key to judge the choice, such as the outlet of the toilet and the inlet and outlet of the electric water heater. At this time, it's best to have a more professional person to help you choose, otherwise once you buy a sanitary ware with thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan and can't install it, the loss will be great

5. Waterproofing is a basic item in toilet decoration

when the old house is reconstructed, or the old walls and floor tiles are demolished and replaced with new bricks in the new house, waterproofing needs to be done again. At present, asphalt cold oil and other processes have been banned in home decoration, and replaced by the new process of polyurethane two-component waterproof material. However, due to the better waterproof performance and higher price of the new process, it is not advisable for many people to save the waterproof area, especially where there is a shower, the waterproof layer should reach 1% of the wall 8 meters high, otherwise the shower will infiltrate along the wall or soak the wall, and the ground waterproof will also lose its function

after considering the above factors related to safety and practicality, beauty and fashion have become issues of concern. At present, the wall and floor finishes in the bathroom not only reflect luxurious stones, but also have a wide variety of wall and floor tiles. Recently, the number of people using waterproof and greasy waterproof coatings is also increasing. This practice can not only save money on the main materials, but also make the effect more warm and comfortable

summary: the bathroom needs to meet your daily needs, so its status is more important. You should also consider multiple things when DIY! (internship editor fangzhiqiang)





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