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2019 anti-aircraft gun advertisements are strongly logged into major high-speed railway stations across the country

with snowflakes falling across the country, the pace of the Spring Festival is getting closer and closer, and a new round of Spring Festival transportation is about to begin. China's transportation network will perform another feat of transporting nearly 3billion passengers

meizhixuan doors and windows, fired the first shot in 2019, accurately targeted the high-speed rail travel crowd, launched the national three-dimensional coverage advertising mode, and distributed across the country. Carpet coverage of online and offline media advertisements further enhances the brand awareness and influence of meizhixuan doors and windows

meizhixuan doors and windows, put high-speed rail advertisements to cover more than 20 core high-speed rail stations with the largest passenger flow in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, imperceptibly render the brand effect of meizhixuan to every corner, and strive to expand the popularity and exposure of the brand. It comprehensively covers the high-speed rail arrival floor main channel information desk, departure floor ticket hall, waiting area central waiting hall and other prominent positions, with an audience of more than 100 million people, creating a high-speed rail marketing strategy and leading the rapid development of door and window customization in China

in addition to strengthening the brand publicity of anti-aircraft artillery advertising, meizhixuan doors and windows will also integrate big data resources such as the Internet and multimedia, realize the omni-directional, multi angle and high-frequency brand promotion coverage, display the brand image, popularity and reputation of meizhixuan to the majority of consumers across the country, and enhance the brand influence and win more consumer recognition and trust by constantly improving the brand reputation, quality and service

meizhixuan doors and windows, with unique craftsmanship and refinement, has remained unchanged for more than 20 years. It is committed to providing consumers with quality doors and windows and quality services, creating a high-grade home life, and interpreting the new height of brand development with strength




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