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AI conference presents "double horse" Dialogue: how AI affects the future

AI conference presents "double horse" Dialogue: how AI affects the future

source: CCTV August 29, 2019 17:57a-a+

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dialogue between Ma Yun and Elon Musk. (liwenliang/photo)

CCTV news (liuchunyan and liwenliang) on August 29, at the 2019 world artificial intelligence conference with the theme of Zhilian world and unlimited possibilities, Ma Yun, CO chairman of the United Nations High Level Group on digital cooperation, and Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO of Tesla, focused on the development direction of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence and employment, education, life and other topics of concern, A 45 minute strong strong dialogue was held

topic 1: where will artificial intelligence go in the next 100 years

regarding the future of AI, Ma Yun said: it is very difficult to predict the future today, especially difficult. He is not a high-tech man, but a man who talks about life. He thinks that AI can open a new chapter for the world and the whole society, so that everyone can better understand themselves, rather than fully understand the external world

many people worry about artificial intelligence, but Ma Yun is optimistic. He doesn't think AI is a threat and thinks that human beings need to have more self-confidence. Many problems today have no solutions, but there will be in the future

human civilization has a history of 7000 years. From the perspective of civilization, the ups and downs are very severe. I am not a naturally optimistic or pessimistic person, but the future development of science and technology will exceed our ability to understand it. I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. Musk said that most people underestimate the ability of artificial intelligence. They think that further improving the quality of oil products may be like smart people. In fact, AI may be 2.3 a smarter than most= ω 2D × 10 (3)........................................... The person who is specified in formula (4) is even smarter

topic 2: what new jobs will artificial intelligence create

Ma Yun believes that people are worried about every technological innovation. In the past 100 years, they have been worried that new technologies will take away employment opportunities, but in fact they have created many employment opportunities

in the next 20 years, human beings will live longer. Ma Yun said that he didn't have to worry too much about work. First of all, we will have a lot of work; Second, we will not need a lot of work; The third interesting point is that the average life expectancy in the agricultural age is about 30 or 35 years. After the technological revolution in the industrial age, people can live to 70 years. In the age of artificial intelligence, people may live to 100 years. We can't predict the future, but we should be prepared. Ma Yun said

musk believes that the development of artificial intelligence in the future will make the work 3 To adjust the speed gear, it is meaningless to open the leftmost cabinet door and the reducer cover door on the console. The final job may be to write AI software, or even AI can write software itself. Therefore, it is recommended that you learn engineering, physics or do some work to interact with people

topic 3: which knowledge or skills will be more advantageous in the future

Ma Yun believes that there will be no AI professionals in the future. People often worry about work, but what he worries about is education. All the education systems teach children things and ways that are mainly designed for the industrial age. Ma Yun believes that machines will be much smarter than people in the future. He said, how can people do better and become smarter and smarter? Should be to change the way of education, change the content of teaching. In the past, we all focused on memory, but computers can remember better and calculate faster than you. You want to run faster, but machines can run faster than you. Therefore, human beings should be more creative and constructive. How to teach children to be more creative and constructive is the key to education

musk believes that we should learn as much as possible to better predict and create the future. The best way to predict the future is to reduce the "plastic restriction order" to the "plastic sales order" method to create the future. He said: we need to evaluate what we are learning, whether we can predict the future and reduce mistakes. We can think about education in this way

topic 4: can artificial intelligence help achieve environmental sustainable development

musk believes that China is a leader in environmental sustainable development and has made amazing achievements. Human beings can solve the problem of environmental sustainable development, but it is not easy. We must take a lot of action and continue it at the same time

in this regard, Ma Yun believes that artificial intelligence can help us achieve environmental sustainability. Because when people have a better understanding of themselves, people will become wiser and smarter

people like technology very much and have illusions about technology. I think technology should coexist with dreams. It is not technology that changes our world, but the dreams behind it that really change our world. Ma Yun hopes that eventually people can use technology to create a better life

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