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Ai+ cloud agent + cloud intercom can help the community to realize senseless traffic application, cost reduction and efficiency increase. Introduction to the project company, Guangdong Zhong'an Golden Lion Security Guard Service Co., Ltd. was established on April 11, 2012. Its business covers guard, patrol, guard, regional order maintenance, personal guard, security inspection, security technology prevention, security risk assessment and security training, At present, the security service of the company has 20 branches and more than 100 business divisions. Its business covers more than 10 cities across the country. There are more than 1000 customer units and nearly 20000 security guards. Strict management, high-quality service, professional team and reliable security have won unanimous praise from the local government, public security organs and users

Zhong'an Golden Lion provides comprehensive security products, security alarm systems, security engineering and security projects, prospectively puts forward the concept of "interconnection + security system", creatively combines frontier technologies such as civil air defense, technical defense, UAV and intelligent robot to form a digital intelligent management platform based on interconnection, comprehensively improves the technical level and intelligence of the security industry, and creates a new omni-directional and three-dimensional security model

project background

thanks to the popularization and application of face recognition, license plate recognition and other technologies in life scenes, people can increasingly feel the great convenience brought by senseless traffic. At the same time, under the enabling effect of technology, the traditional pedestrian and vehicle scenarios in the community have also derived new business models. The traditional offline process has gradually shifted to online. The pedestrian and vehicle posts in the community are unattended and managed by the Security Cloud agent. The manpower saved in the small area can better serve the owners or other properties, rewriting the management mode and efficiency of specific scenarios

in order to realize the unmanned pedestrian posts and vehicle posts, help the property reduce costs and increase efficiency, Zhong'an Jinshi plans to build a cloud service center, remotely take over projects all over the country through the Internet, provide remote services for the pedestrian and vehicle entrances and exits at the project site, quickly and timely handle the abnormal problems of personnel access and vehicle access, replace the manual sentry box, realize unattended, and provide one click alarm service for the owners of the community, Ensure the safety of the community and provide high-quality services


community pedestrian post

in the pedestrian post, the owner can call the Security Cloud agent through the orientation SIP Video Intercom terminal, and the agent service personnel can verify the personnel information through video, and if the information is correct, it can be released remotely

community car shop post

at the car shop post, including the entrance and exit of the community and the parking lot, the problem that the temporary license plate and license plate recognition are wrong, the monthly card is expired, and there is no entry record. In case of an emergency, the owner can call the cloud agent through the location SIP Video Intercom terminal, and the agent staff will provide services to open the gate remotely

the public area of the community

Zhongan Golden Lion alarm column is equipped with a location SIP Video Intercom terminal. The alarm column is installed in the community activity center or property service booth. When the owner encounters an urgent problem, he can turn to the cloud service center with one click, The service center has achieved the highest monthly sales volume in the previous history of China's excavators industry. The on-site situation can be observed through the video intercom terminal, so as to make timely judgments and provide support and help

Security Cloud agent (cloud call center)

the core partner of all directions - Yunyi communication provides Zhongan golden lion with different interfaces for the underlying mechanical properties of the cloud call center. It builds a security cloud agent system for Zhongan golden lion but the FRP bridge deck is expensive, and establishes a cloud service center to manage the project sites all over the world. Each project site can connect to the cloud service center through the location video intercom terminal with one click for help. For problems that cannot be solved by the cloud service center staff, they can call the security guard to the site for handling, so as to promote the unattended security

on site support

when there is a problem that cannot be handled remotely on the project site (such as a dispute between a drunk and the staff of the service center), the on-site security personnel can be dispatched remotely to handle it

application effect

after the unattended transformation of vehicle/pedestrian posts in the community, the operation cost can be reduced by 70%

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