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The "crisis" of artificial intelligence has begun to appear, and go has gradually become a stepping stone for all kinds of publicity.

it has put forward the basic requirement for downstream power battery enterprises to produce 8gwh per year. Artificial intelligence has had an unimaginable impact on the go industry.

since the birth of alpha go in January 2016, artificial intelligence has turned the go industry upside down in the past three years. Indeed, artificial intelligence has brought an expansion of attention to the chess industry. There is broad room for development in the home decoration industry. Technological innovation has provided various e-commerce services including trading, logistics, finance, etc. but some bad effects have begun to emerge over time

although Google has repeatedly stressed that the original intention of developing alpha go is not to defeat humans, this is exactly the end of the plot. At the Wuzhen go summit, Ke Jie's tears in the third game were not only for herself, but also for human go...

Ke Jie, who wept in the third game of Wuzhen man-machine war, did not understand the scientific and technological leap behind alpha go from the perspective of the public, nor did he care about the technological improvement brought about by AI to go. He just remembered the picture of human go's disastrous defeat in the face of AI. After being sad, What's left may be that it's no big deal to play go well

many companies are using the topic of "Ai defeats go masters" to do all kinds of promotion and publicity, real, fake, boasting, hushing, serious, deceptive, exotic, mentally disabled, and strange

Didi's "debate" with go "There are 86400 seconds in a day. If we divide it by two seconds, we need to consider 43200 steps. We know that when playing go, there are only 19 times 19 in the grid, and 361 steps at most. There are deterministic solutions, whether we win, lose or draw. What is our best solution? We are constantly iterating at present, so this problem is much more complex than playing go, so it may be related to Everyone thinks differently. Didi really needs to attach great importance to and guard against all kinds of risks. After that, she uses a lot of scientific and technological means to solve problems. "

Zhang wensong's words triggered a great discussion

once this remark came out, it caused a lot of discussion. Chess master nieweiping fought back. Zhang wensong continued to respond on his microblog, arguing endlessly and not lively. Finally, Didi's public relations goal was achieved. We all know that Didi's "order distribution" is a very complex task, which is not as easy as we thought. It is likely that the task is too complex to get a car

a friend's comment hit the nail on the head later: "No matter which of didi and go has a high complexity, from the perspective of user experience, Didi has not successfully solved the problem, while alphago has successfully solved the problem of going for hegemony. To say the least, the scenario of sending orders is indeed much more complicated than playing go. Then, Zhang's behavior is just like what some people claim: I am trying to form a model higher than the theory of relativity. Although it has not been successful, I am greater than Einstein Big! "

"Sophia" wonderful remarks

in December this year, the seventh "country garden Cup" National Chess Championship invitational tournament will be held in Guangzhou, and the magic sponsor even invited the American robot "Sophia". The robot is known as the "Queen of notices" and often makes some strange remarks. However, it was later proved that Sophia's dramatic remarks were just a program recorded in advance for the purpose of "program effect" and did not have the intelligence level of thinking and "startling the audience"

Sophia's remarks on learning chess

as always, Sophia also said an amazing sentence before coming to China: "human chess has been completely defeated by artificial intelligence. Is it necessary for human beings to learn chess?" At first glance, it seems reasonable, but on reflection, there is no logic in it. At a young age, playing chess is a game. Human beings study chess to have more fun in playing chess with others; Generally speaking, playing chess is a kind of culture. In the process of studying chess, people can be calm and face up to themselves. Human beings learn chess by playing chess, which is related to artificial intelligence

however, the sponsor's propaganda goal has been achieved. At least the author who never pays attention to the chess game knows that a wonderful robot will appear in the country garden cup chess game in December


where is the go world that has lost its aura?

go is a project that worships the strong. The emergence of artificial intelligence has torn human go from the altar, so people in any field dare to come over, say two words and step on two feet, whether they understand it or not. Go has always been there, unchanged from ancient times, but the current go people are facing the problem of where to go

go is a synthesis of skills. Over the years, we have paid too much attention to the "skills" and the victory and defeat. As a result, when the dimension reduction attack of artificial intelligence comes, many people's beliefs begin to collapse. After that, how to rebuild confidence may require more thinking from the perspective of "art"

where should go players go

if it is said that being used as a "stepping stone" in publicity is only a matter of face, then the other two influences are "inside" problems that can shake the foundation of the current go world

(to be continued)

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