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Artificial intelligence assistance, which is one of the consumer dispute mediation methods to be promoted in Shanghai this year. Original title: artificial intelligence assistance, which is one of the consumer dispute mediation methods to be promoted in Shanghai this year. Have you ever thought that the current hot artificial intelligence will also be used to protect consumers' rights

on the morning of March 15, "credit, creating the future of the city" - the 2019 Shanghai Symposium on Commemorating the international consumer rights day was held in the first conference room of the Shanghai municipal government

taoailian, deputy director and Secretary General of Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission, revealed that in 2019, Shanghai will promote mediation methods such as "online connectivity", "artificial intelligence assistance" and "online and offline integration". In addition, Shanghai has also actively promoted the joint construction of the Yangtze River Delta integrated rights protection system, rights protection governance consultation and rights protection information sharing

The symposium was chaired by shangyuying, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai municipal government. Taoailian revealed at the meeting that in the new year, attention should be paid to improving the ability to safeguard rights in four aspects:

first, efforts should be made to improve the ability to resolve consumption disputes. Orderly promote mediation methods such as "online connectivity", "artificial intelligence assistance" and "online and offline integration" to maximize the realization of consumer demands

second, focus on improving the support capacity of service demand. Pay close attention to the consumption upgrading of IOT, big data and artificial intelligence, pay high attention to consumption hotspots such as sharing, customization and health, and effectively improve the effectiveness of supervision over goods and services

third, focus on improving the guiding ability of consumption publicity. Carry out in-depth "convenience" consumption publicity activities, develop "quality" consumption experience places, advocate "low-carbon" consumption behavior, and spare no effort to build a consumer culture publicity brand with Shanghai characteristics

fourth, focus on improving the agglomeration capacity of co management and co governance. We should firmly grasp the "key points" and "starting points" of the co construction of the rights protection system, the co management of rights protection events and the co governance of rights protection issues, and strengthen the coordination with the government, industry (enterprise) organizations and social resources, so as to make the whole experimental process more smooth, and promote the co construction of the integrated rights protection system, the co negotiation of rights protection governance and the sharing of rights protection information in the Yangtze River Delta

at the same time, on March 15, 74 popular science stations for food and drug products in Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as popular science stations) were opened simultaneously. In the popular science station, there are professional inspectors who send samples of vegetables and fruits, such as vegetable plastic utilization forecast in 3D printing market, to residents for rapid detection. Whether they meet the standards or whether there are pesticide residues can be seen at a glance

the popular science station has a reading area, an exhibition area, an on-site service area and an interactive experience area, which can provide citizens with services such as quick food inspection and recovery of expired drugs. The exhibition area is equipped with various inedible aquatic product models. The staff in the museum can explain clam aquatic products such as clam, mud clam and cockle clam to the residents

the station is also equipped with a multi-functional pre forming machine and a food safety knowledge answering machine, which are the next step in this automatic production line. Community residents can access the "facebook" information, the "blacklist" information of food and drug producers and operators, the traceability information of relevant food and drug safety knowledge, etc. supervised and publicized by Shanghai catering service units at any time

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