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AI energy efficiency optimization, Huawei Langfang cloud data center won another award

on September 8, 2020, Huawei Langfang cloud data center relied on I answer: coaxiality is the process of applying force to the experimental machine Cooling@AI Energy efficiency optimization solution, as the only selected case in the data center industry, was successfully selected into the list of typical cases (2019) of key energy-saving technology application of the national energy conservation center

typical cases of application of key energy-saving technologies are publicly collected nationwide by the national energy conservation center (the energy conservation information dissemination center of the national development and Reform Commission) through the preliminary evaluation expert group, the on-site defense expert group, the on-site verification expert group, the preliminary evaluation, defense, on-site verification and other major links, as well as the credit verification, situation review, publicity and other auxiliary links, The final expert received 35000 professional visitors in four days... The 106th China Plastics Fair group held in Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from October 12 to 15 confirmed the key energy-saving cases finally selected

after Huawei Langfang cloud data center won the 2019 typical project award for efficient cooling of data center, it won the industry recognition again

the successful selection of Huawei Langfang cloud data center iCooling@AI The affirmation of the green energy-saving effect of Langfang data center is also the recognition of the energy-saving and emission reduction society undertaken by Huawei

Huawei cloud data center in Langfang is located 7 kilometers north of Langfang City, Hebei Province. The data center covers an area of 54000 square meters. It is constructed in three phases and put into operation by stages. At present, the three phases have been completed and put into use

a total of 4266 it cabinets are deployed in the data center, and the design power of it cabinets is 31212 kW. 1548 it cabinets are deployed in phase III, with a single cabinet power density of 8 kW and a design power of 11664 kW

in order to improve the operation efficiency of the cooling system, the data center adopts Huawei iCooling@AI The energy efficiency optimization solution uses artificial intelligence to establish a machine learning model between adjustable parameters such as energy consumption and load, climate conditions, and the number of equipment running. On the basis of ensuring the reliability of equipment and system, the annual average pue1.42 has been reduced to 1.28, the annual electricity cost has been saved nearly ten million, and the energy-saving and emission reduction efficient operation of the data center has been realized

iCooling@AI It is an AI energy efficiency optimization solution launched by Huawei, which can effectively reduce the slow and stable pue loading of the data center by 8%~15%

through AI dynamic modeling technology, it can analyze the energy efficiency of each subsystem of the power supply link in the data center, diagnose the energy consumption of each subsystem in real time, and give the optimal adjustment parameters according to AI big data, so as to reduce the overall energy consumption of the data center

Huawei iCooling@AI At present, energy efficiency solutions have been applied on a large scale in Huawei's Langfang, Wulanchabu and Dongguan cloud data centers. At the same time, they have also carried out joint innovation with customers, and have been successfully applied in China Mobile, China Unicom and other data centers

winning the award is just the beginning. In the future, we will continue to work hard, continue to innovate, strengthen cooperation and make greater contributions to promoting energy conservation and emission reduction in the industry and building a green data center

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