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Integrating AI Artificial Intelligence innovation algorithm, ECOIN digital commodity regular exchange platform meets the needs of mobile scenarios

ecoin digital commodity regular exchange platform: integrating AI Artificial Intelligence innovation algorithm and closely fitting the needs of users in the mobile Internet era

ecoin group was jointly funded by Singapore's largest private enterprise pension fund institution EPF, It has a financial services and digital commodity trading license issued by the government of Cyprus

based on the in-depth exploration in the field of digital currency and blockchain, the exchange takes decentralization as its business philosophy. The lightweight plastic materials mainly include long glass fiber materials and special engineering materials, which integrate AI Artificial Intelligence innovation algorithm, closely fit the needs of users in the era of mobile Internet, and is committed to providing safe, stable and convenient trading services for global users and creating a world leading digital commodity trading platform

ecoin has an international top blockchain R & D team. It adopts the strategy of combining distributed clearing and settlement system with centralized matchmaking system to develop transaction software, integrates AI Artificial Intelligence innovation algorithm, and is equipped with an internationally leading digital currency payment system and a wallet system combining hot money packages

the innovative development of software and system security measures have reached the leading level in the industry. At the same time, the core technical team has many years of experience in financial risk control, providing a strong guarantee for the operation of the exchange and the safety of users' funds. The exchange adheres to the core interests of users, adheres to the Internet spirit of openness, freedom and sharing, and the decentralized blockchain concept to provide excellent comprehensive digital commodity services for global customers. How is the comprehensive strength of ECOIN embodied

oin is registered in Singapore according to law, and has successfully opened up the legal legal currency channel in Singapore. Famous banks in Singapore provide legal currency recharge, withdrawal and settlement services. ECOIN is one of the few regular exchanges in Singapore. Contract transactions will also be launched, which will continue to bring large-scale incremental users to ECOIN

2. Top investment institutions helped

ecoin obtain strategic investment from world-renowned investment institutions. In addition to financial investment, ECOIN has carried out in-depth cooperation with many investment institutions in the fields of high-quality project incubation, blockchain industrial layout, token ecology building, etc

3. The professional authoritative team

ecoin trading platform R & D teams are all from world-renowned banks/Securities/exchanges and other financial enterprises. They have many years of experience in digital asset risk control management and can provide users with professional digital assets. The diamond electroplating line requires a total of 82.47 million kilometers of research and evaluation system. Secondly, ECOIN trading platform has rich industry resources and investment projects all over the world, and has reached in-depth cooperation with a number of mining plants, investment funds and large trading players at home and abroad, providing users with enough liquidity to fully discover the occurrence rate of ectopic ossification of 48%

4. Convenient trading service

ecoin exchange is headquartered in Singapore. It has set up operation centers in various places to promote global localized operations. ECOIN officials provide English and Chinese. Later, it will be launched in languages all over the world. It has set up offices in more than 100 countries around the world to support the payment and purchase of more than 100 national currencies, and has built a global circulation blockchain asset trading platform. With the in-depth combination of quantitative trading technology and AI in-depth learning technology, ECOIN provides users with simple and easy-to-use quantitative trading tools and trading strategy kits, reduces the threshold of professional investment, and helps Xiaobai users compete with professional users on the same track

5. Bank level security protection

ecoin security teams come from traditional financial institutions such as world-famous stock exchanges and futures exchanges, and have rich security technology accumulation. ECOIN has developed a complete security solution around the business scenario of digital asset exchange. ECOIN has set up multiple defenses in terms of user account and wallet security, including cold and hot wallet isolation, two factor verification, three-level cold wallet and the dynamic and static combination of multiple signatures, so as to safeguard the security of users' funds in an all-round way

6.7*24 customer service

ecoin has established a 7*24-hour manual customer service in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean, which is convenient for users to answer questions; It has created a series of easy to understand contract teaching to help users establish a correct trading concept, and combed the industry trends every day to provide users with industry information support

these advantages ensure that ECOIN trading platform can take the lead in the race track of digital asset exchange and lay a foundation for realizing its own market value

at present, the application of blockchain has extended from financial technology to IOT, artificial intelligence, supply chain management, digital asset trading and other fields. This is not only a technological revolution that subverts traditional finance, but also will have a profound impact on all aspects of human life in the future. In the development trend of blockchain, digital asset exchange, as a product of the extension of blockchain applications, is closely related to the development of blockchain. In this very important business competition, ECOIN collaboration platform ecological resources serve more blockchain projects in an all-round and diversified incubator way, and provide investors with more high-quality blockchain projects. We are waiting to see whether the tripartite cooperation can achieve win-win results

digital assets will become the largest assets of mankind. ECOIN foresees that the whole world will be swallowed up by blockchain assets in the future. Faced with such a large scale of assets, many asset types with different styles and corresponding trading platforms will be derived. Although ECOIN platform is still just a small boat about to set sail, our goal is the sea of stars. We look forward to growing together with our supporters and embracing the future

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