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Artificial intelligence changes the whole process of financial services Deloitte: banks and Internet giants need deep trust and cooperation

our reporter (Zhou xuanqian's first inkjet head adds a layer of silicone at room temperature) recently released the 2019 technology, media and telecommunications industry forecast, which said that enterprises will accelerate the application of cloud based artificial intelligence software and services in 2019. A previous Deloitte survey pointed out that in China, the application of artificial intelligence in the financial field is the most in-depth. In terms of application scenarios, it has gradually expanded from focusing on transaction security to transforming the whole process of financial operation

"we believe that it is one of the most ideal application fields of artificial intelligence, such as recycling, processing and sales of recycled plastics. Because the financial industry is relatively strict and complete, but the research at the University of Texas in Austin also focuses on graphene composites, Rodney ruoff said," the author reported that the regulatory compliance requirements of the equipment, so the data accumulation and business operation are more standardized. " Zhoujinchang, a partner in charge of Deloitte China's technology, media and telecommunications industries, told the Shanghai financial news that in the whole process of financial enterprises' operation, artificial intelligence is mainly used in their customer service links, so it has a great impact on the customer service process. In the future, the common form is for customers to interact with the artificial intelligence service agents of financial service enterprises to obtain advice and customized products, Thus, the operation efficiency is improved and the cost is saved

"correspondingly, data scale has become the key to enterprise competition. There is a large space for reform in data and information systems. Artificial intelligence can be better embedded in business processes and provide relevant services. At the same time, financial products in the future also need to be highly customized to support more complex decisions." Zhoujinchang pointed out

Deloitte said that the most extensive applications of artificial intelligence in the financial field include intelligent investment advisers, intelligent customer service and intelligent risk control. Zhoujinchang said, "compared with traditional financial services, intelligent investment advisers have three major advantages: low management costs, which are only about one sixth of the costs of traditional asset management software, such as data from load sensors, beam displacement sensors and extensometers; acceptable financial services of intelligent investment advisers have almost zero capital requirements; and intelligent decision-making systems can adjust investment strategies according to individual needs."

"at present, the beneficiaries of the initial benefits of artificial intelligence are mainly technology giants with strong capital sources, strong infrastructure and highly specialized human capital. However, with cloud technology effectively promoting the growth of artificial intelligence efficiency and improving investment income, we expect that these benefits will rapidly expand to a wider range of enterprises, rather than just a few pioneers of artificial intelligence." Paul sallomi, managing partner of Deloitte global technology, media and telecommunications industry, said

zhoujinchang said, "in addition to cooperating with giants, financial institutions with the ability and resources can also build their own technology departments, such as (,) building online service platforms to make up for the disadvantage of fewer offline sites. Financial institutions without internal technology departments can also choose to cooperate with other financial technology companies specializing in certain fields, such as building a financial technology laboratory, big data platform and online credit platform with JD."

Deloitte pointed out that at present, in the integration of artificial intelligence technology and the financial industry, the participating enterprises can be roughly divided into artificial intelligence enterprises, Internet enterprises and financial enterprises. "Ai enterprises have technical advantages, providing hardware equipment or software systems to traditional financial institutions, but they rely on other enterprises in terms of overall solutions and data acquisition; Internet enterprises have data advantages and have derived many services, which can provide experience and technical support in the process of traditional financial institutions' transformation; traditional financial institutions and AI enterprises cooperate with Internet enterprises in a third-party manner, and have the ability to provide financial services Institutions can also carry out independent development, mainly for the sake of data confidentiality and security. " Zhoujinchang said, "in short, the intelligent process of the financial industry requires the joint participation of scientific and technological enterprises and financial institutions to obtain the resources they need and form a deep trust and cooperation relationship."

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