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Artificial intelligence +5g, 22 inch wheel hub with hidden door handle, Chery is the most handsome SUV

artificial intelligence +5g, 22 inch wheel hub with hidden door handle, Chery is the most handsome SUV

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original title: artificial intelligence +5g, 22 inch wheel hub with hidden door handle, Chery is the most handsome SUV

today's domestic automobile market is an era of independent brands, especially with the strong rise of independent brands, Many joint venture brands have collapsed. However, there are both complacency and frustration. The rise of independent brands has little to do with the difference between the readings of the scale lines on some vertical micrometers. For example, Chery, which I introduced to you today, had a strong position in the minds of Chinese people in those days, but now Chery has been reduced to a second-line car company, which is very regrettable

the author has such a deep feeling about Chery. I believe any slightly elderly friend knows that Chery was the only hope of the Chinese people at that time when independent brands were defeated by the impact of joint ventures more than a decade ago. Even now, Chery is at the first-class level in terms of independent innovation, but Chery's technical advantage has not become an advantage in the amount of opportunities that should be adjusted by the market. Personally, there are many reasons for Chery's unsalable, but the shape design is definitely an important factor

in the face of this dilemma, Chery has been making every effort to build new models. From the Ruihu 8 to the Chery execed TX to the arizer GX, the new design has attracted the attention and support of many people. Now, Chery has once again created a brand-new brand, jettu, and launched a new model called jetour x, which is known as the most handsome Chery car. Yintongyao is furious! The most handsome Chery car comes online, equipped with a hidden door handle, which is more handsome than Wei Pai

the overall shape design of jetu jetour x is controversial. From a simple style point of view, this car is really different from other Chery models. In particular, the oversized air intake grille interprets the personality, exaggeration, radicalization and Avantgarde style incisively and vividly. However, this style does not fully meet the needs of young consumers. There are still many people who complain that the air intake grille is too large and feel uncoordinated. The side shape also continues the fashionable and personalized design style of the front face. The low lying and smooth body with the hatchback trunk looks like a cross-border SUV

the waist line is looming, and the hidden door handle is full. With the suspended roof and 22 inch twisted aluminum alloy wheel hub, it has a good performance for the sports atmosphere of the whole vehicle. The tail headlights also have a full sense of science and technology. The through tail lights show a lightning shape. With sharp lines, the overall shape has a full sense of three-dimensional hierarchy

artificial intelligence +5g, 2 and actively control the opportunities brought by product innovation and project interaction with customers. With 2-inch wheels and hidden door handles, Chery is really the most handsome SUV. The vehicle is positioned as a new energy vehicle and built on the ipel platform. It is reported that the platform is developed based on 5g technology. In the near future, multimedia voice, vehicle remote control, data sharing, vehicle machine communication and AI Artificial intelligence will be applied. Not to mention the power range, the simple Internet car is a big selling point. In addition to the lightweight body design, it is believed that the mass production real car will also have a good performance. In any case, I am still looking forward to Chery's new energy vehicles

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