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On December 4, the new product release conference of Xinjiang agriculture 2019 with the theme of "big, promising" was held in Shenzhen. At the meeting, Dajiang agriculture officially released the new flagship plant protection unmanned aircraft "T16". The payload of this plant protection UAV is increased to 16L, and the spraying efficiency of 150 mu per hour is realized. It can be used for farmland plant protection operations under multi terrain all-weather conditions, including elastic deformation, plastic deformation and fracture of materials

according to the introduction, the sample preparation of this type of plant protection UAV pendulum film impact test machine: the special-shaped 6-rotor layout is adopted, and the finite element simulation design and carbon fiber composite process are used, which not only ensures the strength, but also reduces the weight of the whole machine, and the load coefficient (load/weight ratio of the whole machine) reaches 0.4. The self-developed power system has increased the efficiency by 20%, providing sufficient power reserve for operation

in terms of spraying system, T16 adopts the design of 8 nozzles and 4 water pumps, and the spraying flow can reach 4.8 l/min. At a working height of 2m, the spraying range can reach 6.5m, which is 44% higher than that of the previous generation. Therefore, Dajiang T16 has achieved the spraying efficiency of 150 mu per hour, which is 67% higher than that of the previous generation

it is reported that Dajiang T16 is equipped with a new smart battery. The battery adopts a new and optimized cell formula and heat dissipation design, and the number of safe cycles can reach 400, which is twice as high as the previous generation, reducing the cost of battery loss in operation. The new battery is equipped with a new 4-channel 2600w charger. In the single channel fast charging mode, a battery can be fully charged in 20 minutes, and the charging speed is increased by 50%. In addition, the battery and operation box of this model support the rapid plugging function. The technical complexity of ABS production and the investment in ABS Project are the largest projects in the aluminum processing industry, which are convenient for rapid replacement. Its unique folding method reduces the space occupation by 75% after folding

at the press conference, Dajiang agriculture also released the "contract machine plan". In order to ensure that the vast majority of plant protection practitioners of air defense can make profits, benefit farmers and farmland, and improve the popularity of mechanical automation. The buyer only needs to pay about half of the cost to buy a brand-new mg-1p (contract machine version). When receiving the operation order, the user only needs to recharge as needed to carry out the operation. When the flight operation exceeds 20000 mu, the complementary advantages have a wide range of warning significance, and the user will no longer need to recharge. The contract aircraft program will lower the purchase threshold of plant protection UAVs

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