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On March 30, Yao Qizhi, the winner of the Turing prize, attended the second meeting of the first Strategic Advisory Committee of Pengcheng laboratory in Shenzhen and pointed out that China's development of artificial intelligence has the advantages of scene and market, and has been in the same position with other countries in the world in the application of artificial intelligence, but the ban may be different

at present, deep learning has become one of the most important technologies in the field of artificial intelligence. The progress of computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing and robotics can not be separated from deep learning. On March 27, three scientists who invented the basic concept of deep learning and helped the deep neural network get practical application won the Turing prize in 2019

on the afternoon of March 29, the Ministry of education of China announced the latest filing and approval results of undergraduate majors of ordinary colleges and universities in 2018, and artificial intelligence majors were included in the list of newly approved undergraduate majors

Yao Qizhi pointed out that the current development trend of artificial intelligence is very good. New artificial intelligence applications are talked about every day in magazines and newspapers, and many of them were first proposed by China. He believes that in the process of developing artificial intelligence in China, due to the advantages of the scene and the market mechanism, China is in the same position as the rest of the world in the application of artificial intelligence after the acceleration of instrument display data

"however, China is still relatively backward in the basic research of artificial intelligence, and high-level laboratories can play a great role in basic research."

it is reported that Pengcheng laboratory set up an artificial intelligence international R & D center in Shenzhen Hong Kong Special Cooperation Zone for scientific and technological innovation on January 23 this year, which will be ahead of schedule based on the development needs of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area and relevant national strategic deployment

as a member of the Strategic Advisory Committee of Pengcheng laboratory, yaoqizhi believes that building a high-level laboratory is an important carrier for basic research and talent training. He suggested that in order to form a competitive talent training environment, the laboratory must first build a good international exchange atmosphere

Yao Qizhi became the first Chinese scientist of the Turing prize in 2000 because of his important contributions in the fields of pseudo-random number generation and cryptography. In his view, China has cultivated fertile soil for scientific and technological innovation, but to produce innovative talents and technologies, we need to be prepared for a protracted war and not rush for success

at present, a series of laboratories and major scientific devices are being arranged in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan district. Yaoqizhi pointed out that if the layout of these laboratories and large scientific installations progresses smoothly, it will have a decisive impact on the development of the whole science in Dawan district. He believes that when scientific research institutions and talents carrying out different research gather to a certain extent, they will enter a critical point to help China's science and technology take off

The Turing Award was established by the American computer association in 1966 to reward individuals who have made important contributions to the computer industry. Its name comes from the pioneer of computer science, British scientist Alan Matheson Turing. It is known as the "Nobel Prize in computer science"

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