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"Ai companies" are unstoppable. Three major industries in China have achieved the landing of artificial intelligence.

before July 2018, Robin Lee, the founder of artificial intelligence, was probably asked the most question, "when will Baidu unmanned cars be commercially available?"

driverless is undoubtedly a fashionable and eye-catching emerging industry. Therefore, after Baidu all in AI, Robin Lee has been questioned about the commercial time of mass production of driverless vehicles. In 2017, Robin Lee took a high-profile Baidu unmanned car to the venue of Baidu AI developers' conference. Although he received a ticket from the traffic control department, he still couldn't hide Robin Lee's joy, At the end of the year, baidu boasted that "in 2018, baidu built a new porous ceramic/resin composite wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant pipeline production line and a multi-metal loaded porous ceramic catalytic material demonstration production line; it developed a copper-clad aluminum conductor material unmanned vehicle, which will achieve mass production." At the baidu AI developer conference in July, 2018, Robin Lee and 100 mass-produced Apollon unmanned cars completed last year's "cattle blowing"

in fact, in addition to the eye-catching unmanned car industry, AI has penetrated into many industries, from the Internet industry to many service industries, and even the agriculture of the primary industry and the manufacturing of the secondary industry are also exploring AI. It is understood that the traditional primary, secondary and tertiary industries, including Baosteel Technology, BAIC, CITIC publishing group, have realized the AI of traditional industries through cooperation with Baidu's artificial intelligence platform

as Robin Lee said at the world Artificial Intelligence Conference on September 17, the definition of modernization today is no longer informatization, but should be updated to AI. With the explosive progress of AI technology in recent years, and the virtuous circle between algorithm, computing power and data, AI has an increasingly prominent impact on industrial upgrading and economic change, and will provide "new kinetic energy" for the development of industry and economy in the next few decades. As for how to "Ai company", Robin Lee creatively refined the methodology of "three-dimensional integration"

"ai+" era has come.

from alpha dog to driverless, it is frequently on the hot search list. Artificial intelligence is one of the most popular keywords at present. In fact, some of the things consumers deal with most in their lives have long been AI oriented. For example, the apps we use in our daily life are becoming more intelligent, and many apps used in intelligence are becoming more understanding of you. More and more companies have incorporated AI into their enterprise development strategies

Zeng Dejun, the founder and CEO of Elvis Presley, is a radio enthusiast and an old craftsman who has worked as a radio all his life. His retro Elvis radio is a popular product loved by many young people. In 2010, Zeng Dejun founded Shenzhen Yundong Creative Technology Co., Ltd. he said that he was a wonderful flower in the radio industry. At that time, his initial idea was to make Wi Fi speakers, which was actually the early ai In 2014, the concept of AI became more and more popular, and Zeng Dejun's thinking about AI speakers also changed

"before the AI era, we called it the 'IT era'. Although the products designed at that time were also called intelligent hardware as they are now, for example, our Wi Fi speakers were also called intelligent hardware, but at that time we did not use the AI concept to make products, but used industrial thinking to make products." Zeng Dejun said that two years ago, Elvis speakers became a partner of dueros open platform to jointly develop AI products. "We may be good at subdividing AI from gb/t 1220 stainless steel rods, but we don't have the AI ability of social resources. Without Baidu AI's open system, let us invest and research repeatedly like large companies. We don't know which year it will take to complete it, nor how much it will cost."

Baidu's open AI platform actually turns Baidu's AI capabilities into public resources. In fact, AI is just like the power resources in the electrical age. In the early days, although there were special companies producing electricity, many families did not use electricity. Until the power companies turned electricity into commodities and delivered electricity to each family as a public resource, the society really entered the era of electricity. The role of the AI open platform is similar to that of transmitting electricity to every family. It enables companies in need to have AI capabilities on the baidu open platform, so as to improve their AI capabilities, so that companies and society can enter the AI era faster

the free AI capability provided by Baidu has impacted different industries. Among them, the to C type has changed rapidly, and industries that have more contact with consumers, such as smart speakers, have entered many families in the past two years; The relatively slow ones are to B industries, especially the primary and secondary industries, such as agriculture, mining, construction and so on

however, the relatively low-key to B industry has made many breakthroughs in AI

ai quality inspection has played an important role in Baosteel Technology. According to Baosteel's technical insiders, the talent mobility of iron and steel quality inspection is relatively large. Training employees is a time-consuming and cost-effective job. Passing human experience to machines through ai not only saves labor costs, but also AI quality inspection can complete tasks more efficiently and accurately, improving Baosteel's production quality

"in the cooperation with Baidu, Baidu has provided us with many AI technologies and capabilities, including IOT, big data analysis, computer vision, etc." According to the above Baosteel Technology insiders, Baosteel Technology and Baidu cloud cooperated to build the ladle intelligent management system last year. By deploying sensors for the ladle and connecting to Baidu cloud with the IOT technology provided by Baidu, the system can realize the real-time collection of operating temperature, pressure and other data, that is, to sense the status of the ladle

this year, the cooperation between Baosteel Technology and Baidu focuses on the identification of steel defects and lining melting loss, mainly through computer vision to complete the automatic diagnosis of product quality. "Through the data training of ladle thermal radiation and other pictures, we have established a deep learning model based on machine vision on the Baiju understanding cloud to intelligently identify and analyze the melting loss of ladle lining, and give an early warning of abnormal conditions. By replacing relevant equipment in time, we can ensure safe production and achieve continuous production at the same time." The above Baosteel Technology insiders disclosed

the bottom layer of Baidu AI platform takes Baidu brain and Baidu cloud as the core, Apollo and dueros as the two ends, and the integration of software and hardware is open and empowering for the whole industry. In, more than 100 partners have joined Baidu Apollo, including Jinlong bus, BMW, etc. In the financial industry, baidu AI has landed in Agricultural Bank of China, Baixin, etc. In agriculture and agriculture, the technical personnel of the company shared with us what parts of the fatigue testing machine need to be maintained and the characteristics of the equipment. Maifei technology uses Baidu cloud edge computing architecture to realize the on-board processing algorithm on the Maishi monitoring machine, which can directly generate the pest monitoring map in real time in the monitoring machine's flight business

traditional enterprises: focus on what they are good at

"no enterprise without AI" has become the consensus of development. However, both society and enterprises still have many concerns about AI. They are worried that AI will rob people's jobs and bring large-scale unemployment; Worried about AI, as in sci-fi movies, AI will replace human beings or AI will develop into disorder, which will eventually lead to the destruction of the whole world...

in view of the dark clouds hanging over AI, Robin Lee put forward the concept of "Ai company" at the world Artificial Intelligence Conference and put forward a methodology for AI company - "a real AI company should have the three-dimensional integration of AI 'thinking', 'ability' and 'Ethics'"

"there is no doubt that there must be 'thinking' before there are products, technologies and other social aspects behind it." Zeng Dejun very much agreed with the three abilities put forward by Robin Lee for the AI company. At the same time, he believed that thinking is the real driving force to promote the society, just like the development of society is from "who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I go?" These three thinking problems begin. Enterprises should also think about these three problems in the AI era

The second level after thinking is AI capability. Different companies have different capabilities. Robin Lee believes that there are a large number of open source and open platforms in the AI field. It is not necessary for everyone to invent the wheel again. Enterprises should focus on their own advantages

"for CITIC publishing, the AI capability is certainly not strong, but we can use the technical capability of Baidu, a professional AI open platform, to empower our business." Said Jianglei, vice president of CITIC publishing group

the relevant person in charge of Zhongke insight also revealed that at present, hundreds of flowers and schools of thought are competing in the field of automatic driving. In the perception layer of the core of automatic driving, monocular, binocular, tricular, lidar, millimeter wave radar and other sensor solutions have emerged. As a start-up company, the company must focus on its strategy. It is better to be good at everything than one subject. It should focus on making products in its field and strive to be perfect. For Zhongke Huiyan, it is to make binocular products perfect

the third level of AI ethics is the only way to solve the development direction of AI and the coexistence of AI and human beings

"we don't worry about the large-scale unemployment caused by artificial intelligence, because the released human capital can be invested in the development and production of new products. Data show that, contrary to causing unemployment, the development of science and technology will create more employment opportunities, and the birth and development of emerging industries will absorb these liberated labor forces." Agricultural Bank of China in charge of AI insiders said

CITIC has published many books on ethics in the past two years. Jiang Lei believes that philosophical issues such as "power plant problems" are particularly important in the AI era. The difficulty now is how people should judge, and the difficulty in the future is whether these things will be judged by AI. AI ethics also includes data privacy. Following ethics is a key consideration for AI companies

Robin Lee summarized AI ethics into four principles: the first principle, the highest principle of AI is safety and controllability; The second principle is that AI's Innovation vision is to promote human beings' more equal access to technological capabilities; The third principle is that the value of AI is to teach people to learn and let people grow, not to replace people and surpass people; The fourth principle is that AI's ultimate ideal is to bring more freedom and possibility to human beings

"if AI ethics is not solved, it will be a huge obstacle to the development of AI. Robin Lee's' three-dimensional integration 'has put forward a good solution and a very good vision for the healthy development of AI era." Zeng Dejun said

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