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With a number of media era publishing, accelerate cross media and cross regional integration

era publishing media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as era Publishing) announced that the 14th meeting of the Fourth Board of directors was held on the same day, and eight proposals were passed. It plans to cooperate with a number of companies to increase investment in publishing chain operations, reading, new media digital publishing and other fields

according to the announcement, time publishing plans to establish a limited company (hereinafter referred to as the new company) jointly with Heilongjiang Publishing Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Heilongjiang Publishing Group) to restructure the publication chain business of Xinhua Bookstore in Heilongjiang Province, so as to strengthen cross regional cooperation and exchanges in the cultural industry. The total investment of the new company shall not exceed 300million yuan (tentative), the investment of times publishing shall not be less than 51%, and the investment of Heilongjiang publishing group shall not be more than 49%. Both parties shall share profits and risks according to the proportion of capital contribution. Time publishing contributed in cash, and Heilongjiang Publishing Group contributed with all the monetary and non monetary assets of the book wholesale and marketing center of Heilongjiang Xinhua Bookstore, Heilongjiang Xinhua Bookstore and Heilongjiang Xinhua Bookstore storage and transportation company after evaluation. The business scope of the new company mainly includes the wholesale and retail of general books (including teaching aids), audio-visual products, electronic products and sporting goods of Heilongjiang Xinhua Bookstore, business projects within the chain scope of Xinhua bookstores in cities and counties of Heilongjiang Province, the construction of chain information platform and e-commerce, the storage and transportation business of provincial stores (including textbooks), large-scale theme publicity activities supporting book sales, etc

at the same time, time publishing also cooperates with Zhejiang Mobile to develop the reading business. It will make the works into corresponding format files and upload them to Zhejiang mobile platform, and has the right to provide the information network transmission of the works. Zhejiang Mobile enjoys the non exclusive or exclusive right to use the information network transmission right of the works provided by Times Publishing; Zhejiang Mobile can produce, distribute, disseminate and sell the works authorized by Times Publishing within the scope of authorization. Both parties settle the settlement based on the information fee generated by the works provided by time publishing on the reading platform. For the works awarded by time publishing to Zhejiang Mobile, Zhejiang Mobile will share the income of information fee

time publishing also cooperates with zhongqingluo Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongqing) to carry out new media digital publishing projects. In terms of business cooperation, time publishing will provide cooperation resources to Zhongqing, including but not limited to distribution, content, copyright, channels, etc; Zhongqing provides time publishing with resources including but not limited to Internet original literature, Internet operation, wireless operation, copyright operation and (4) distribution of mechanical connectors; The two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation on the author, copyright and other resources owned by teenagers in all kinds of learning, science popularization, entertainment and intelligence, as well as electronic books and various training. In terms of capital cooperation, the two sides are mutually preferred units of capital cooperation. Through mutual equity participation, they can carry out capital increase simple attachment cooperation at an appropriate time; If Zhongqing implements the capital market listing or financing plan, it will give priority to time publishing to become a strategic investor. In terms of overseas market cooperation, the two sides cooperate to establish overseas publishing institutions, jointly organize overseas copyright export cooperation, jointly organize various international book exhibitions, and jointly plan and publish overseas foreign language publications

the board of directors of times publishing also passed a proposal to cooperate with Anhui Radio and television media industry group Co., Ltd. to carry out film and television play broadcasting and copyright trading. It is understood that the two sides will carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation in the fields of projects, operations, investment, equity and so on, and jointly focus on giving full play to the advantages of policies and clusters, jointly developing the electronic version of the company's film and television copies with public broadcasting rights, and expanding the economic recovery camp with the use of auto theaters, on-demand and other means of communication and on-demand. The two sides will also jointly introduce foreign film and television copyrights for science popularization, education, vacation and leisure; Set up a film and television animation broadcasting and copyright trading platform for the market and public networks in Anhui Province, and set up a joint-stock company with film and television theatres as its main business when conditions are ripe, so as to expand its business scope and expand its business sites

Times Publishing will also cooperate with the Palace Museum to develop the Cultural Relics Publishing Project of the Palace Museum. Times Publishing will make full use of the collection resources of the Palace Museum and its own publishing resources, cooperate in the development of cultural relics sorting, appreciation and cultural relics knowledge popularization books, and support and cooperate with each other in applying for the approval of key government projects, striving for financial support and social financing. It will also cooperate in the development of electronic audio-visual, digital publishing and online publishing businesses

in addition, time publishing will also be involved in the shooting of film and television dramas. For example, it will cooperate with Shanghai meiyuezhige Culture Communication Co., Ltd. to shoot TV dramas

in addition to foreign cooperation, there are also cooperation proposals within time publishing. First, Anhui Education Press, a subsidiary of time publishing, will restructure Wuhan Institute of modern foreign languages and establish a media company with natural person Wang Maimai. The newly established company will make use of the advantages of Anhui Education Press in foreign language teaching and training, publishing and management to consolidate and expand the markets of foreign language book publishing and distribution, training and network education. It is reported that the registered capital of the newly established company is 20million yuan, and Anhui education press contributes in cash, accounting for 51% of the total contribution; Wang Maimai contributed in cash, accounting for 49% of the total contribution. After the establishment of the new company, it will purchase the assets of Wuhan Institute of foreign studies, which will no longer carry out business activities, and all production and business operations will be transferred to the new company. Second, time publishing plans to sign the "paper sales contract" with Anhui market Star newspaper. According to the contract, the time publishing pulp and paper center provides Anhui market Star newspaper with 200 tons of paper per month at a price of 4600 yuan per ton, and the transaction volume is expected to be 6.44 million yuan by the end of this year. In case of significant price fluctuation of paper, both parties must sign a separate sales contract

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