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EIA publicity of shengweike (Shanghai) Ink Co., Ltd.

EIA publicity of shengweike (Shanghai) Ink Co., Ltd.

issued by: East China University of science and technology

release date: December 30, 2010

1. Name of construction project:

reconstruction and expansion project of shengweike (Shanghai) Ink Co., Ltd.

2. Overview of construction project:

shengweike group is one of the largest professional ink manufacturers in the world, Founded in 1830 and headquartered in siegburg, Germany, its innovation and technological development capabilities have always been in a leading position. It mainly produces various types of applied inks for packaging, labels, books and periodicals. It has companies and production bases in 36 countries around the world, with an annual output of more than 250000 tons and more than 4000 employees worldwide

shengweike (Shanghai) Ink Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of shengweike group and is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise. At the end of 2005, it was established through the wholly-owned acquisition of sikebai (Shanghai) Ink Co., Ltd. located in Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Zone. Shengweike (Shanghai) Ink Co., Ltd. covers an area of 20283m2, with more than 250 employees and an annual production capacity of 10000 tons. It mainly produces all kinds of water-based and solvent-based inks suitable for cigarette bags, food and beverage packaging; Suitable for alcohol soluble inks, UV inks and related products that will only lose more than gain in soft packaging

in order to further expand market share and improve production capacity, the reserved land in the factory is used for expansion. The project investment is 29 million yuan. After the expansion, the company will produce 20000 tons of solvent ink, 10000 tons of water-based ink and 5000 tons of UV ink

according to the relevant provisions of the environmental management of the construction project, such as the environmental protection law of the people's Republic of China, the Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the people's Republic of China, and the measures of Shanghai Municipality for the implementation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the people's Republic of China, the environmental impact assessment of the project is required. Therefore, the construction unit specially entrusted East China University of technology to undertake the environmental impact assessment of the project

3. Project construction unit:

shengweike (Shanghai) Ink Co., Ltd.

4. Contact information of the construction unit:

address: No. 689 Shenfu Road, Xinzhuang Industrial Zone, Shanghai

Contact: (420)

contact person: Zhai Jin, wuchenji

5. Environmental impact assessment unit and contact information:

East China University of technology

certificate, and most of the accidents caused are disastrous Book grade: for low precision B; Certificate No.: National Environmental Assessment Certificate Jia Zi No. 1817

address: 130 Meilong Road, Shanghai; postal code: 200237;

Contact: (021) ,; E-mail: pzhang@

6. Main matters and methods of soliciting public suggestions and opinions

1) contents of soliciting public opinions:

this publicity mainly solicits public opinions on the quality of the surrounding environment of the project; Understanding of the main environmental problems existing in the current regional scope; Focus on the possible environmental problems during the construction of the project; Suggestions on environmental protection of the project; Suggestions on this public opinion survey

b) public feedback method:

after this information publicity, the public can express their opinions on the construction and environmental assessment of the project by sending e-mails, letters, etc. to the designated address

the second information publicity will be held during the preparation of the environmental impact assessment report of the project and before the report is basically completed and submitted for approval. The contents of the second publicity will include:

① brief description of the construction project

② overview of the possible impact of the construction project on the environment

③ key points of countermeasures and measures to prevent or reduce adverse environmental impacts

④ key points of environmental impact assessment conclusions proposed in the environmental impact report

⑤ the way and time limit for the public to consult the simplified version of the environmental impact report

⑥. Scope and main matters of soliciting public opinions

⑦. Specific forms of soliciting public opinions

⑧. Start and end time of public comments

and plans to further solicit public opinions by means of on-site investigation and issuing questionnaires. During this period, the public can still express their opinions by sending e-mail, calling or writing to the designated address

[note]: please provide detailed contact information while expressing your opinions, so that we can feed back relevant information to you in time

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