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Times Publishing: strengthen the development of its main business

Times Publishing recently signed a series of procurement and supply contracts for the publication project of rural bookstores, the distribution of books in libraries, and the construction of the activity room for rural left behind children of Anhui women's Federation

the company adheres to the business strategy of cross media, cross region and the whole industrial chain, strengthens the development of its main business, extends and expands the industrial chain, makes new media innovation effective, and basically forms the business form of the whole industrial chain. The operating performance of the company shows that since the reorganization in 2008, it has maintained a competitive advantage in Anhui Province, and the net profit level has increased steadily. Recently, the company signed a purchase contract in the procurement of rural bookstore in Anhui Province, with a total contract price of 36.7133 million yuan, a supply contract in the procurement of rural bookstore in 20 provinces and cities such as Sichuan and Heilongjiang, with a total contract price of 11.1218 million yuan, and a bid winning contract in the procurement of Library drawings in 9 provinces and cities such as Beijing and Jiangsu, with a total contract price of 4.1096 million yuan, The project procurement contract was signed in the procurement of the construction project of rural left behind children's activity room of Anhui women's Federation, with a total contract price of 2.9964 million yuan; The above contract amount is 54.9411 million yuan, accounting for 3% of the main business income in 2010. The signing of the contract will have a positive impact on the company's annual performance in 2011. In the future, the expansion of the company in new media and other fields is expected to become profitable, and the tightness of installation also needs special attention to the growth points; In June last year, the company carried out comprehensive strategic cooperation with zhongqingluo Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Sina in the fields of business, resources, content, copyright, capital, etc. at the same time, the company established a film and Television Center. With its advantages in writer resources, works, talents and capital, the company signed a series of letters of intent for cooperation with relevant partners such as Beijing purple sun film and Television planning company, Realize the benign interaction between film and television dramas and book publishing

in the secondary market, since the beginning of this year, the company's share price has basically operated in a shock channel with a slight downward shift in the center of gravity. Since January 25, the controlling shareholder Anhui Publishing Group has increased its holdings of the company's shares. As of the end of the first quarter, it has increased its holdings of 1273900 shares. Based on the 2010 earnings per share, the current P/E ratio of the company has fallen to less than 20 times. The possibility of further holdings by the controlling shareholders is not ruled out, It will also play a positive role in the stability of stock prices

the net profit of time publishing in the first half of the year increased by 20.62% year-on-year.

time publishing disclosed its semi annual report on July 25. In the first half of this year, the company achieved a cumulative sales revenue of 1.136 billion yuan, with a total profit of 155 million yuan. The net profit of the parent company without changing the software or mainframe was 150 million yuan, an increase of 23.61%, 20.55% and 20.62% respectively over the same period last year. The company said that the significant growth in operating performance was mainly due to the company's early investment in various resources and technologies, as well as various mergers and acquisitions have also begun to generate returns. Anhui Publishing Group, the controlling shareholder of times publishing, continued to increase its shareholding in Listed Companies in the second quarter, providing infinite room for development since 2011. From January 25 to the disclosure date of the company's semi annual report, it increased its holdings of 3.596 million shares, accounting for about 0.69% of the company's total share capital

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