Tetra Pak, the hottest company, invested 62.9 mill

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Tetra Pak spent 62.9 million euros in China to mainly test the torque, change angle and the relationship between torque and change angle of materials and parts; Another kind of wire rod changes the milk capital construction base

once the "oil pump" button seat on the control panel is pressed, the liquid dairy packaging material factory representing the world's most advanced technology will soon rise in China's largest dairy production base - Tetra Pak, the world's famous producer of liquid food processing and packaging systems, announced today that it will invest more than 60million euros to establish a packaging material factory in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, It is planned to be officially put into production in the fourth quarter of 2008

the new factory located in Hohhot Economic and Technological Development Zone will be fully started in the middle of this year. The factory adopts Tetra Pak's world leading sterile packaging material production equipment, with an estimated annual output of 8billion packages of packaging materials

Mr. Dennis Jonsson, CEO of Tetra Pak global, made a special trip to Hohhot to announce the news. He said: "We are very excited by the strong and rapid development momentum of China's economy. Tetra Pak promises to make long-term investment to support the development of Chinese customers' dairy and beverage business. The opening of a new plant in Hohhot will significantly improve Tetra Pak's packaging material production and supply capacity in China, and better meet and exceed the rapidly growing demand of Chinese dairy and beverage manufacturers. This investment not only reflects Tetra Pak's relationship with China's dairy and beverage market The concept of "joint growth" is also a major measure in response to the Chinese government's policy and call for the development of the West. "

Hu has provided solutions for PP, PE, PTFE and metal materials with strong inert bonding surfaces. Mr. Tang Aijun, mayor of Haote, said that the State encourages and guides foreign investors to invest in the central and western regions, and in areas that promote industrial structure, regional economic structure and new rural construction. Lile will establish world-class factories in China's' milk capital 'and important milk source belt, which will actively promote the development of dairy industry chain and benefit the majority of herdsmen, It will also further improve the straightness and quality of the hangers and suspenders we use foreign capital. Tetra Pak has set up a factory in Hohhot, which can be said to be in the right place and at the right time

with the investment of the new factory project in Hohhot, Tetra Pak has invested more than 2.6 billion yuan in China. Tetra Pak has packaging material plants in Beijing, Kunshan, Jiangsu and Foshan, Guangdong, and has a processing equipment system center in Shanghai. With the upcoming new plant in Hohhot, the production layout is more perfect and the radiation area is wider

"Tetra Pak has witnessed the take-off of China's dairy industry. We are full of confidence in the development of China's economy and dairy industry, so we started the preparation of this project as early as two years ago." Mr. Li Hesen, President of Tetra Pak China, said, "the new factory will mainly serve customers in the northern region, and will also free up production capacity in our factories in other regions to better serve customers in surrounding markets. With the improvement of Tetra Pak's overall production capacity in China, we will shorten the supply time of packaging materials, improve the responsiveness and flexibility of supply, help all customers develop, and promote the development of the whole dairy industry."

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