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Sandvik is optimistic about the urea industry and supports the Chinese market.

- the global demand for urea continues to grow, and its momentum will continue until 2016. The market development prospects are bright.

- there are more than 65 new urea projects open worldwide, and the urea output will increase by 30% by 2020.

- at present, China has the world's largest urea plant, and the annual compound growth rate of urea production is as high as 5%. By 2016, the urea output is expected to reach 87 million tons

(Shanghai, China, August 4, 2014) recently, a urea market report released by Sweden Sandvik (), the world's leading manufacturer of stainless steel and special alloy materials, pointed out that it has attracted the attention of aerospace, ordnance, new energy vehicles and other enterprises, and the global demand for urea has maintained continuous growth since 2004. Sandvik is full of confidence in the Chinese urea market and will help the Chinese market occupy a favorable position on the international urea and fertilizer stage

according to the report, the annual growth rate of urea demand in China is 3.5%, and that in other countries in the world is 2.6%. Driven by the exploitation of shale gas in the United States, the development of new oil fields in Brazil, incentives from Indian politics, as well as low-cost producers in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) and cheap natural gas, the growth momentum of global urea demand will continue until 2016. France, Latin America and Mexico have expressed their interest in urea projects, and Iran is vigorously developing the urea industry. At present, China has the largest urea plant in the world. China's urea output increased from 44 million tons in 2004 to 66 million tons in 2009, with a compound annual growth rate of 5%. By 2016, the urea output is expected to reach 87 million tons

"urea is the most widely used and economical nitrogen fertilizer that can be used more than 100000 times in the world. The proportion applied to the chemical fertilizer industry accounts for about 90% of the global urea supply. In addition, urea is also used in the industrial production of biscuits as the production of plastics, adhesives, explosives, and even browning agents." Magnus Brodin, global product manager of Sandvik chemical industry department, said, "but it also meets the standard. The production of urea industry faces a difficult problem, that is, how to prevent corrosion and ensure safety. Therefore, the global fertilizer industry is highly dependent on high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel and alloy."

urea itself is not very corrosive, but the urea solution under high temperature in the production process is very corrosive. Mixing nitrogen and carbon dioxide under high pressure may cause process explosion. In addition, long-term exposure of staff to highly toxic ammonia will also produce ammonia poisoning, causing short-term or even long-term damage, such as vomiting, mental damage, etc. However, when ordinary stainless steel is highly corroded, stress corrosion cracking will occur in just a few minutes. Pitting corrosion will cause pits in local areas of the steel surface, and eventually lead to perforation; More harmful crevice corrosion may occur in crevices, such as flange joints and welds. These corrosion will not only affect the use effect and increase the cycle cost, but also damage the urea process equipment and even cause damage to the staff. This kind of corrosion is often difficult to detect before it causes irreversible huge damage

how to prevent it? "This is where Sandvik, an expert in anti-corrosion materials, comes into full play. Sandvik stainless steel products are mainly used in some key components, such as stripper, high-pressure condenser, scrubber, high-pressure pipeline and reactor." Magus Brodin added, "It is worth mentioning that Sandvik 2RE69 is specially designed for weld overlay of stripper. It is used for pipe production through 'stamika process'. It has been used in skw factory in Germany, and its super long service life has reached 36 years, which makes the world marvel. Then Sandvik developed Sandvik safurextm, a dual phase steel pipe with super corrosion resistance, which can make the stamika urea synthesis process operate under oxygen free or low oxygen conditions , effectively reduce operating costs while improving production and safety. "

as the only manufacturer that can provide all the steel grades required by the urea synthesis industry, Sandvik has a unique position in the field of urea production, where 100 ordinary plastic bags of the same specification are only about 15 yuan. With the continuous rise of the Chinese market in Sandvik's global strategy and the vigorous development of China's urea industry, Sandvik will continue to devote itself to the research and development of new products, cultivate valuable cooperative relations, and help Chinese customers occupy the dominant position in the urea and fertilizer industry

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