Tetra Pak launched a new aseptic carton packaging

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TetraPak launched a new aseptic carton packaging production line. TetraPak recently launched a series of aseptic carton packaging production lines. Due to the adoption of new automation technology, the operating cost can be reduced by 40%

these production lines have three structures to choose from. According to different market needs, these production lines can produce 5000 ~ 24000 Tetra Pak sterile packages or Tetra Pak sterile cartons per hour

Tetra Pak a3compactflexiline can produce 9000 packages of different box types per hour, and the capacity can range from 80ml to 375ml if the second generation aluminum alloy is used. By 2009, it can also provide two new box types: tetra PRISMA aseptic 125 square and tetra brick aseptic 80 slim

Tetra Pak a3flexiline can produce 22 different box type packages in terms of unit production energy consumption, and can produce 200ml ~ 2000ml small packages and family number packages. It can produce 15000 family number packages or 24000 small packages per hour. Tetra Pak said that from next month, some specific markets will be able to use high-speed production lines to produce Tetra Pak brick 80 slim packaging

the first Tetra Pak a3speediline has been installed in the refreshcomenkendrinks beverage company in bode grunfen, the Netherlands. Tontesser, the company's senior project manager in charge of the Benelux countries, said that for equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulators, the production has increased from 7500 packages per hour to 24000 packages per hour with the original thermoplastic one-way belt processing technology

According to Tetra Pak, the production cost of the new production line can be reduced by up to 40%, because each production line can be connected with other production equipment through Ethernet

the above three new production lines are controlled by the new linecontroller30. This technology can control the operation in real time, including the speed setting of the conveyor belt and the start, stop and detour of various equipment, so as to provide better control and improve the production flexibility

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