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Ruixin microelectronics AI chip analysis covers the whole business of low, medium and high

recently, Fuzhou Ruixin microelectronics has grabbed the limelight in the chip field. Fuzhou Ruixin microelectronics, which was originally in the first camp of the chip industry, has been performing a good play that has attracted much attention. For example, at the first global summit of arm AI developers, Fuzhou Ruixin microelectronics made a strong attack, and jointly released the eaidk development platform based on rk3399 chip with arm China and open AI lab. It is the world's first AI development board based on ARM architecture for the design and development of embedded AI application products

in addition, Fuzhou Ruixin microelectronics and Shangtang technology officially announced the strategic cooperation some time ago. Through this cooperation, the chips of Fuzhou Ruixin microelectronics are pre loaded with Shangtang face recognition SDK. As a result, Fuzhou Ruixin microelectronics has strengthened its scene and commercial landing in the field of face recognition

the reason why Fuzhou Ruixin microelectronics can launch a full range of attacks and continue to bring exciting news to the industry may be directly related to its deep cultivation at the level of artificial intelligence chips. According to the current development trend of Fuzhou Ruixin microelectronics, it has realized the all-round layout of artificial intelligence chips. Fuzhou Ruixin microelectronics' AI chips with different positioning not only cover the whole business of low, medium and high, but also realize commercial and mass production in multiple forms

for example, with its super performance large and small core architecture, rk3399 chip has become the flagship product of Fuzhou Ruixin's high-temperature end face friction and wear testing machine for micro measuring material temperature rise, friction coefficient and other values. The screen display of end face friction and wear testing machine electronics in the field of artificial intelligence chips. Fuzhou Ruixin microelectronics continues to empower this chip, making it more valuable. It is reported that at present, the rk3399 chip is suitable for various applications derived and developed based on the mainstream model architecture, such as face recognition, ADAS, commodity recognition, fatigue detection, etc. This also makes the rk3399 chip xp-p=1067... Formula (15) suitable for the development of many innovative fields, such as IOT devices, intelligent interactive devices, personal computers, robots, etc

in addition, at the 2018 Baidu AI developer conference, Fuzhou Ruixin microelectronics showed its powerful voice interaction solutions. Baidu announced its cooperation with Fuzhou Ruixin microelectronics at the conference to release a full chain solution based on rk3308 and rk3326 with voice interaction as the center and software and hardware integration. This solution can meet the needs of terminal manufacturers for multi-modal voice interactive speaker solutions

rk3229, which brings accurate speech recognition to TV boxes, rk1108, which realizes the revolutionary evolution of energy-efficient intelligent vision and image perception in embedded systems, and four Ai Ai floor sweeping robots for the smart home industry. Chip level solutions to effectively reduce energy consumption: rk3399, rv1108, rk3326 and rk3308. This machine made by Fuzhou Ruixin microelectronics is the best choice! Meta AI chips have shown their commercial value

by landing in many application scenarios, Fuzhou Ruixin microelectronics has accelerated the full popularization of artificial intelligence. In the next time, the public's life is expected to become better

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