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Packaging industry: Tetra Pak launched the packaging recycling alliance

the packaging recycling alliance jointly launched by the China Packaging Federation, Tetra Pak and a number of dairy and beverage enterprises was officially established in Beijing today. It is understood that the packaging recycling alliance has been supported by many domestic beverage enterprises, dairy industry and other leading enterprises in various industries, which are thicker than shopping plastic bags in shopping malls. At the founding meeting of the alliance, Mengniu, Sanyuan, Wanglaoji, uni president, Xia Jin and other enterprises promised to join the packaging regeneration joint fatigue testing machine at the alliance to pay attention to the alliance and promote the cause of environmental protection in China. It is reported that the alliance will be committed to promoting the production and use of packaging enterprises and distribution channels to actively promote and promote the comprehensive utilization of waste packaging. At the same time, the alliance will also assist relevant institutions and enterprises at all levels to recycle and recycle waste packaging, so as to promote the establishment of a sustainable green packaging production, use and recycling system

at the beginning of its establishment, the packaging and recycling alliance, together with the publicity and education center of the Ministry of environmental protection and Tetra Pak, jointly launched the 2011 garbage classification public welfare education activities, through a series of interactions with the public, to convey the concept of garbage classification to consumers and popularize garbage classification knowledge. At the Shanghai WorldExpo, Tetra Pak once provided a bench made of recycled packaging for the WorldExpo, which impressed visitors. Yang Bin, vice president of Tetra Pak China, said in this interview that Tetra Pak has invested 150 million yuan in packaging recycling since 1998. In recent years, they also believe that with the maturity of the market and consumers, it is also suitable for teaching demonstrations in Colleges and technical secondary schools, Environmentally friendly products will have greater competitiveness and market in the future

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