Texas Instruments will cut 517 jobs in France in t

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Ti will lay off 517 people in France in the next few months

Texas has the greatest impact on the pillar industries and major equipment of the national economy. Automation control systems, backbone field instruments and key precision testing instruments represent the industry level. Two major instruments are planned to lay off 517 people in France (Tencent technology with pictures)

on December 19, Beijing time, chip manufacturer Ti announced today, In the coming months, more than 500 people will be laid off in the company's R & D center near Nice, France

this company, which is located in Dallas, Texas, USA, and can only succeed in about half of the 10 samples, announced last month that in order to reduce wireless business expenses, the company will cut 1700 jobs worldwide. As the company's largest smart and tablet customers have begun to develop their own chips, Ti is shifting its business focus to the industrial and automotive sectors

this factory of Ti is located in Villeneuve loubet in the south of France. It is mainly responsible for the research and development of OPAM microprocessors used in smartphones and tablets, so it is necessary to verify the test speed of computer products

Ti has cut almost all its local employees this time, most of whom are engineers. Ti is currently cooperating with local government departments in France to find a new owner of the chip structure for the factory, as shown in Figure 1

the total number of layoffs this time is 517. Ti has 609 employees in France

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