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Yonghong showed up at the automation exhibition with a new generation of PLC, boosting the new height of "intelligent manufacturing"

at the end of 2018, the Ministry of industry and information technology included the application direction of six major product projects including PLC controllers in China's industrial foundation strengthening plan. In addition, in recent years, the industrial automation and robot industry is developing in full swing at home and abroad. Therefore, in the process of the gradual recovery of traditional manufacturing industry, the demand for controllers and performance requirements will generally increase, which will support the long-term prosperity of the PLC market

from March 10 to 12, during the Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition. As a professional R & D, production and manufacturer of PLC (industrial control products), Taiwan Yonghong Motor Co., Ltd. brought a new generation of PLC and programming software, FBS series PLC, P5 series human-machine interface, FATEK IOT and other products to the booth E4 of hall 3.1 in area A. It is known that Xiamen Yongsheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiwan Yonghong Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yonghong motor) which invested in the mainland in 2010. It is mainly responsible for the sales, delivery and technology of Taiwan Yonghong products in the mainland, which have passed the ISO (1) 0993 and USP class VI standard testing services

Yonghong Motor Co., Ltd.

now let's take a detailed look at the new PLC and human-machine interface series products that Taiwan Yonghong focuses on this time

new generation PLC and programming software

new generation PLC of Taiwan Yonghong Motor Co., Ltd.

EtherCAT is built in Taiwan Yonghong new generation PLC, and the new professional decentralized motion control function can directly realize bus control without some complex wiring; The i/o simulation point has been expanded from the original 512 point host to 2048 points now, mainly located in medium-sized computers; More powerful CPU running speed, able to execute more high-precision and high-speed automation applications; According to the staff, the new generation of PLC will more meet the needs of future customers, be more flexible and run faster; In addition, the next step will be to make global international promotion in the domestic Shanghai Industrial Expo, as well as large-scale exhibitions held in the United States, Germany, Italy and India

the most delicate combination of HMI and PLC

p5/p2k/c2 series man-machine interface is the trading order of Yonghong motor following f protection; A new generation of high-quality and high-performance human-machine interface has been designed and developed after strengthening the law enforcement of consumer rights protection to avoid affecting the freezing effect of bs/b1 series PLC. This series himhmi not only has a solid structure and exquisite fashion appearance, but also has the characteristics of high anti noise ability; The beautiful and convenient back embedded PLC design can directly embed Yonghong HB1 series PLC into the back of HMI, provide customers with higher quality and efficient industrial automation solutions, and greatly save space and reduce the installation and wiring costs; In particular, the human-machine interface as small as 4.3 inches can be embedded and combined with the palm sized subminiature plc*1 to meet the needs of industrial automation with the minimum volume. The two hardware are independent of each other and their respective operations do not interfere with each other. In terms of software functions, p5/p2x/c2 man-machine has an intuitive and easy-to-use software development environment and exquisite graphic display. The newly launched FATEK IOT platform can help customers master a large number of device data and status at any time, easily maintain remote software programming, and integrate the customer's original Yonghong device into IOT applications

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