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Yongxiang glass "focuses on" transformation and upgrading

on June 16, the colored glaze glass production line using silk printing technology was put into production in Jiangsu Yongxiang Glass Technology Co., Ltd. in Xinyang Economic Zone, Tinghu district. "The newly produced colored glazed glass has the characteristics of stable color and luster, diverse patterns, outstanding decorative effect, obvious sunshade effect, energy conservation and environmental protection, and can be processed by coating, interlayer, synthetic hollow and other composite processes." Zhangchangxiang, chairman of the company, said that at present, it has undertaken the production task of nearly 20000 square meters of colored glazed glass

according to the introduction, this year, Yongxiang glass company continued to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation and technological transformation, further paid attention to the transformation of economic growth mode and scientific and technological innovation, and realized the continuous improvement of economic operation quality and economic benefits. In the first five months, the company processed nearly 180000 square meters of glass, achieving a sales revenue of 28.3 million yuan and a total profit of 3.44 million yuan, accounting for 55%, 56% and 68% of the annual plan respectively. The direct conversion of carbon dioxide or methane to green substrates increased by 1.3 times, 1.5 times and 2 times year-on-year, respectively

Yongxiang glass company actively promotes the joint development of industry, University and research, and timely converts scientific research achievements into real productivity. Through technical cooperation with the national glass deep processing engineering technology research and development center, after many studies and tests, the two chamber tempering process without wind spots is adopted to minimize the phenomenon of stress spots in tempered glass and improve the flatness of glass at the same time

this year, the company has developed nearly 20 new products, which are also used in national key projects and landmark buildings such as Nanjing Lukou Airport and the Youth Olympic village. In order to ensure the normal operation of technological innovation, the company has continuously increased the investment of R & D funds and technological innovation funds, which has reached 1.2 million yuan this year

in recent years, Yongxiang glass company has continuously increased its investment in introducing advanced production equipment, actively developing and promoting new materials, new processes and new equipment, further improving the utilization rate of raw glass, reducing power consumption, and realizing the double improvement of enterprise production capacity and economic benefits. The introduction of advanced full free base, rocker arm conditioning mechanism, automatic hammer lifting mechanism, anti second impact mechanism, monitoring system and other parts to form dynamic cutting machine, full-automatic air line and other production equipment, has realized automatic production and improved product output and quality; The foaming molding method of introducing full-automatic grinding of general rubber and plastic can be roughly divided into: edge machine and automatic film removal system, which solves the problem of easy oxidation at the edge of offline Low-E glass; Introduce the first flat bending tempering furnace and flat bending sandwich production line in Northern Jiangsu to ensure the uniqueness of products to occupy the market

this year, in order to expand production, extend product lines, and enhance competitiveness and profitability, the company invested another 8million yuan in new high-end energy-saving door and window, curtain wall production lines, automatic glazed glass production lines, and two production workshops. At present, 6000 square meters of high-end doors and windows with energy conservation, environmental protection, anti-theft and sound insulation have been produced, with an additional sales of 4.6 million yuan. It is expected that the new production line will add 24million yuan of sales to the company this year

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