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Yonghong PLC: NC positioning high speed pulse output (hspso)

FBS PLC built-in high speed pulse output (hspso) single machine can be used as NC servo or stepper motor control for 4-axis linear compensation at most. Coupled with the fine and smooth acceleration/deceleration function of each axis, it can easily complete multi-stage changes, smooth and accurate linear path or positioning control. If it is combined with the built-in HHSC for feedback, it can also be used for closed-loop control to detect and relatively compensate NDT (non-destructive testing) such as component wear, aging, defects, etc., so as to obtain a more accurate decision. Through the integration of the supply chain Expand the group business into high-tech and high-performance diversified product line control. In addition, the NC positioning special language provided by FBS PLC and PLC will also provide the extruder industry with inexhaustible development power, and the convenient instructions provided by the ladder diagram program will make your precise positioning control easy to achieve

application example

strategic mineral positioning control achieved by embarrassing the definition of NC with a single machine as three axes

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