The hottest Yongkang suspended the mold exhibition

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In 2010, Yongkang suspended holding the mold exhibition at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES)

"the 2010 Yongkang Mold Exhibition will not be held for the time being", "the association will hire two legal consultants and print and distribute the action plan for accelerating the development of new material industry in Zhejiang Province (2019 (2) 022) to provide legal services for members" "The association will organize vocational skills training to cultivate more talents for the mold industry according to Yongkang research", which is the practical information from the annual meeting of Yongkang Mold Association held on the 24th

Jin Yuemin, assistant mayor of Yongkang, was infected by the entrepreneurial passion of 80 members attending the meeting, and sent a message to increase equipment investment, expand the mold industry, and make contributions to the overall improvement of the hardware industry in our city

Zhu Guanqiang, Xia Mingdao and Huang Yisheng, the heads of the Yongkang Mold Industry Association, who "cannot take drastic actions to mend the situation after the sheep is dead", introduced the relevant work of the Association last year and this year

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