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Yongkang Hardware belt, shielding cover, belt, free mold opening and sample sending

Yong was born in a revolutionary family From the lowest officials to today's heads of state, Kang hardware belt, shielding cover belt, free mold opening and sample sending

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product brand Yuxin product model 8 104mm production city, Dongguan shipping City, Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, total supply 99999 minimum starting order 1 product unit price 0.5 measurement unit meter product details

Yongkang Hardware belt, shielding cover belt, free mold opening and sample sending

Dongguan City Jiushuo Industrial Co., Ltd., production and marketing tape | connector tape | shield tape | hardware tape | shrapnel tape | transformer tape | nut tape | tape processing | tape packaging | OEM tape | tape machine | SMD tape machine | packaging tape | Dongguan tape | Shenzhen tape | Guangzhou tape | Huizhou tape |zhuhai zadai | Zhaoqing zadai, a manufacturer of packaging materials

the factory is located in Xiabian Industrial Zone, Liaobu, Dongguan. It was established in 2009. The all dust-free workshop covers an area of 3600 square meters. 32 belt carrying molding machines produce 250000 meters of belt per day. It has 21 belt knitting and packaging machines. It has long-term OEM belt knitting and packaging, and 600k of belt knitting and packaging are shipped every day. The company attaches great importance to the quality of products. From the purchase of raw materials, product design, production, testing, sales and after-sales service, all links are strictly implemented in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality standards, and a full range of quality control is implemented. In the future, we will continue to strictly demand ourselves according to the international standards of the industry, constantly strive for perfection in process management, comprehensively consolidate, improve production and technical capabilities, and ensure stable quality to achieve excellent and perfect quality

for our company's hardware carrier with shielding cover, the shortcomings are that the mold adjustment time is relatively long, the requirements for machine maintenance are in place, and the stable supply of air pressure is not suitable for workshops with small air compressors and several Chengnong machines. Secondly, the requirements for staffing are also more professional, such as the technical level of the carrier master and the total number of quality inspections. The appearance is very beautiful: in general, meeting this requirement requires efforts on the schedule, that is, the pressing machine is gently pressed, and the environment is heated for a long time. The appearance of the belt formed in this way is very beautiful. The disadvantage of our country is that the production time is too long, which increases the running time and heating time of the machine; If the manufacturer uses screw air compressor, it will also waste the electricity cost of idling, and then calculate the labor, plant, rush time and so on. This is undoubtedly to increase the high cost of using tap water as circulating water, which is even more wasteful. What are the hardware? Plumbing hardware. Aluminum plastic pipe, tee, opposite elbow, leak proof valve, ball valve, valve, through valve, ordinary floor drain, floor drain for washing machine, raw tape, pump valve

carrier tape is mainly used in the electronic component mounting industry. It is used together with the cover belt (upper sealing belt), which carries and stores electronic components such as,,, diodes in the pocket of the carrier belt, and forms a closed package by sealing the cover belt above the carrier belt, so as to protect electronic components from pollution and damage during transportation. When the electronic components are pasted, they are stripped off, and the automatic mounting equipment takes out the components in the pocket in turn through the precise positioning of the carrier index hole, and pastes and installs them on the integrated circuit board (PCB board). [2]

for the introduction of our company's hardware carrier tape shielding cover carrier tape, some precision electronic components have clear requirements for the antistatic level of the carrier tape. According to the different antistatic levels, the carrier can be divided into three types: conductive type, antistatic type (electrostatic dissipation type) and insulating type. According to the forming characteristics of the bag, the hardware carrier belt is divided into embossed carrier belt and stamping carrier belt. Embossed carrier belt refers to the local stretching of the carrier belt material through die stamping or plastic absorption, forming a concave black roof, silver gray frame, and a pocket with a sunken shape other than a cool body. This carrier belt can form pockets of different sizes according to specific needs to adapt to the size of the electronic components it contains; Stamping carrier tape refers to the formation of penetrating or semi penetrating pockets through die punching. The thickness of electronic components that can be contained by this carrier tape is limited by the thickness of the carrier tape itself, and generally can only be used to package smaller components. Hardware carrier tapes are divided by material: the material of carrier tapes mainly includes two categories: plastic (polymer) and paper. The embossing belt is mainly made of plastic materials. The mainstream in the market is PC (polycarbonate) carrier

want to know more about our company's hardware carrier tape shield carrier tape Introduction, home appliances such as washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners use a large number of parts made of ABS, carrier tape sheet direct sales, ABS pipes, ABS sanitary ware, ABS decorative plates are widely used in the building materials industry, carrier tape sheet materials, small household appliances such as speakers, VCDs use a large number of ABS as raw materials, and vacuum cleaners also use a lot of parts made of ABS, Parts made of ABS are also widely used in kitchen utensils. Sheet refers to a material that can be flow formed during processing with resin (or direct polymerization with monomer during processing) as the main component and plasticizers, fillers, lubricants and other additives as auxiliary components. The tape carrying sheet and jushuo industry are reliable in quality, and the direct sales of tape carrying sheet are provided by Dongguan jushuo Industry Co., Ltd. The tape carrying sheet, jiushuo industry is of reliable quality, and the direct selling of tape carrying sheet is a new upgrade of Dongguan jiushuo Industry Co., Ltd. () this year. The above pictures are for reference only, please call this page or the contact on the picture. Ask for new information, Mr. Chen

if you want to know more about the introduction of our company's hardware belt shield belt, not many people in China have conducted environmental tests on the belt all the time, and even know little about it. In China, it is generally believed that tape carrying packaging materials are only used as packaging. After SGS, there is no problem. Tape carrying products will change in different environments and have an impact on packaging. Therefore, the environmental monitoring program should be launched as soon as possible for tape packaging, so as to standardize tape production and be more responsible for packaged products. As the carrier belt is a high-temperature heating molding product, the carrier belt itself has experienced a thermal shock and molding. Because the customer will ship the products around the world after packaging, the temperature difference is different everywhere, so the shrinkage and willfulness of the carrier belt packaging materials are different at different temperatures. Therefore, the carrier needs to use different formulas in different environments to ensure the stability of the product and avoid customer complaints due to packaging materials. This is also the drawback of the whole carrier industry today. Keywords of this website: tape carrier, plastic disc, tape carrier, plastic disc, roll, thus further increasing the reactive power consumption of energy, axis, electronic disc, tape carrier. Reels, anti-static rubber reels, tape reels, tape reels, electronic rubber reels, electronic reels, light bar reels, high temperature resistant rubber reels, capacitance rubber reels, resistance rubber reels, PS rubber reels, ABS rubber reels,

want to know more about the introduction of the tape of our company's hardware tape shielding cover, tape high-speed stamping detection can be divided into semi-automatic and full-automatic. With the continuous upgrading and refinement of electronic products and high-level integration, Electronic components have also been transformed from plug-in type to chip type to save the installation space of circuit boards and expand the functions of products. It is a large-scale event in the electronic industry. 1. Working principle of high-speed stamping detection of tape carrier: after the tape braiding and packaging electromechanical and pneumatic connection, if it is hot packaging, let the knife rise to the appropriate temperature, and adjust the tape carrier and air pressure. Use manual or automatic feeding equipment to put SMD components into the carrier belt, and the motor rotates to pull the cover belt forming carrier belt to the packaging position, where the cover belt is on the top and the carrier belt is under. After heating, two blades are pressed on the cover belt and the planting belt, so that the cover belt seals the SMD component port on the carrier belt, so as to achieve the purpose of SMD component packaging. Then the receiving tray rolls the encapsulated carrier tape. Some belt carrying high-speed stamping inspection machines are not hot sealed

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