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Yongxin shares disclosed that the profit of 2020 annual report increased by 12.60%. It is proposed to pay 5 yuan for 10 shares.

release date: Source: China Securities

Yongxin shares disclosed the 2020 annual report on the evening of February 8. During the reporting period, the company, with its good business innovation ability and risk management and control ability, grabbed 23 In case of expanding the market, we should pay attention to internal management, improve quality and efficiency, and continue to maintain a steady development trend. In 2020, the company achieved an operating revenue of 2.737 billion, an increase of 5.30% year-on-year; The net profit was 303 million, with a year-on-year increase of 12 These production presses account for 60%. The company plans to send 5 out of 10 (including tax)

during the reporting period, the company timely adjusted its market expansion plan, actively expanded domestic customers according to the regional advantages of its subsidiaries, radiated overseas Bayer's technology and service portfolio market through multinational enterprises; On the other hand, through independent research and development, the breathable membrane products have successfully entered the field of medical devices and applied to medical protective clothing, expanding the application field of products and ensuring the growth of the company's performance. The company always believes that technological innovation is the basis of serving the market, actively applies new materials and processes, develops new products, expands new fields, and introduces new products such as breathable film, protective film, label film, toothpaste film, self mucous membrane, embossing film, PS sheet, etc. laser/wire drawing anti-counterfeiting packaging, fresh locking packaging, cheese packaging, great health packaging, etc. have been recognized by the market, and single material/recyclable packaging products have been successfully applied by customers, Achieve phased results. The continuously optimized product structure, rich and complete product chain, and one-stop and integrated packaging solutions have opened a broader market space for the company

It takes 20 years for precision extrusion technology to adapt to high-precision processing. After the domestic epidemic has been controlled, the company immediately stepped up the speed of project construction. Shaanxi Yongxin completed the completion and operation of the main engineering facilities, obtained the production license, and successfully passed the customer audit and certification. It began to supply customers in November 2020, which is conducive to the company providing better packaging products and services for enterprises in the northwest region; Huangshan packaging's 15000 ton/year high performance film project was completed and put into operation in August 2020. The infrastructure project of the 8000 ton/year new functional film material project was fully launched, and the main plant, warehouse and auxiliary room facilities were constructed simultaneously; Huangshan new material "annual output of 33000 tons of new BOPE film project" has completed the land delisting and equipment contract purchase, and is working with the equipment manufacturer and the design unit to determine the design scheme

during the reporting period, the company launched the restricted stock incentive plan and employee stock ownership plan, further improving the incentive and restraint mechanism, which is conducive to attracting and retaining excellent personnel

the company said that in 2021, the company will comply with the development trend of the industry, continue to step up the pace of transformation and upgrading, increase R & D investment, and strengthen differentiated competition with technological innovation; Increase investment in subsidiaries, give full play to the regional advantages of subsidiaries, optimize resource allocation, create a situation of going hand in hand, continuously improve the anti risk ability and promote the stable development of the company

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