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Yongkang construction and decoration hardware: the upgrading radiates at home and abroad

modern home decoration is inseparable from hardware accessories. With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of residential buildings, China's construction and decoration hardware market is increasingly prosperous, and the decoration and decoration hardware industry, once known as "small hardware" and "small industry", has achieved sustained, healthy and rapid development. As the distribution center of decoration hardware, hardware city has therefore become the sales center of decoration hardware in neighboring provinces and cities, and has continued to make efforts to attract a large number of visitors to the international market

LV Hongcai: the business channel is constantly outward

child and mother hinges, row hinges, bolts, handles... In the store of Hongcai hardware factory in Hardware City Phase I, almost four walls are "contracted" by a wide range of products. According to LV Hongcai, the dealer of the store, the decoration hardware covers a wide range, mainly including furniture hardware, lock hardware, door and window hardware, plumbing hardware and many other categories. Take the hinge in the store as an example, There are different standards from style to thickness to size. There are more than a thousand varieties in this category alone

"the impact of the rapid development of Internet on the traditional manufacturing industry is very obvious. For us, the domestic market is more and more difficult to cultivate." Lu Hongcai said that in this regard, with the advantage of having a factory, he continued to make efforts to the foreign market. At present, its products have been exported to South Korea, Japan, Dubai and other countries. Last year, the store was also rated by hardware city group as a major exporter of business channels in 2017

chenhuiyuan: the variety of products has increased and the grade has improved.

in recent years, with the further expansion of market popularity and the continuous improvement of business grade, the business structure and product structure of decoration hardware in hardware city have undergone profound changes

Guangming decorative hardware, located in phase I of Hardware City, has been recognized by the market for its rich products and high-quality services. "Customers have needs. No matter how much we buy, we will personally carry the products to the car. For some large customers, we also provide distribution services." Chen Huiyuan, the dealer of the store, said that the supermarket style business service concept has accumulated many long-term customers for the store

Chen Huiyuan also introduced that the author of modern home divides ABS into two generations until 2016. The style of court decoration is changeable. At present, there are more kinds of decoration hardware than before, and the grade is improved. 3. Spring fatigue testing machine sheet metal: it is the appearance of spring fatigue testing machine. A protective layer has become more beautiful. Among them, copper, stainless steel, iron art and other metal decorative hardware showing a classical flavor have developed very rapidly; In addition, the development and innovation of a series of new decoration hardware, such as lifting clothes hangers, induction garbage cans, etc., have further improved the grade of decoration hardware products. The expansion of functions makes the decoration hardware become an important part of the building, and at the same time, it greatly improves its market competitiveness

merchants have something to say

in the narration of the old business households, we learned that after more than 20 years of development, the hardware city has basically formed an important sales base of modern decoration hardware. Buyers from surrounding counties and cities such as Jinyun, Wuyi, Jinhua and Pan'an, as well as neighboring provinces and cities such as Jiangxi, Anhui, Hunan and Jiangsu have come one after another, bringing a fresh flavor to the sales of decoration hardware

from a small fight in early years to today's four or five shops or even dozens of shops lined up. The business scale of decoration hardware has been expanded by an unknown amount. In the words of Chen Huiyuan, decoration hardware is changing with each passing day and is constantly being upgraded to meet the needs of consumers for the detection and use of experimental machines. We comply with customer standards

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