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The four major areas of the LED market need to be explored, and large manufacturers are competing to layout

LED technology and applications have been relatively mature in the 21st century. However, some areas still have full development potential and deserve attention

intelligent lighting

the concept of intelligent lighting is not novel. In the 1990s, the sprout of this industry began to appear in China. Up to now, intelligent lighting has indeed not been popularized. However, intelligent lighting is definitely a potential player

why is the popularization of intelligent lighting blocked? Nowadays, intelligent lighting is facing three pain points:

1. There is no unified industry standard. Smart lighting has many existing protocols, including ZigBee, Bluetooth, WiFi, 2.4G, ble mesh, etc. The choice of agreement makes many enterprises very big. The numerous technical barriers have further hindered the development of intelligent lighting. Therefore, the industry urgently needs a leading global agreement

2. Consumer acceptance is not high. Limited to the current development level of intelligent lighting products, intelligent lighting has not really reached the level of "intelligence", and most intelligent lighting products are limited to the primary stage of dimming and color matching. Therefore, it is reasonable that consumer acceptance is not ideal

3. The product is not cost-effective. The functionality of intelligent lighting products has not fully caught up with their higher price, so the cost performance is not outstanding

however, these pain points will be solved with the continuous promotion and maturity of the industry. There is no doubt about the popularity of intelligent lighting. Many domestic and foreign enterprises have layout in intelligent lighting, and the cooperation between technology giants and traditional lighting enterprises will also become the norm

with the development of IOT, machine learning, cloud technology, big data and other technologies, intelligent lighting will also usher in greater development space

health lighting

the so-called health lighting is to improve and improve the conditions and quality of people's work, study and life, and promote mental and physical health through LED lighting. This concept is based on the industry's understanding of the harm of blue light and the damage of human visual film

many enterprises have started the layout of this new air outlet and launched high-quality health lighting fixtures. Philips, Ge, etc. have launched health LED lighting products, and Philips has repeatedly developed LED lamps and lighting systems for hospital lighting to help patients reduce anxiety and provide a more comfortable rehabilitation environment

at present, health lighting products on the market are not uncommon, but the quality is uneven, and most of them just stay in gimmicks. Both the establishment of health standards and the research and application of LED light quality and medical lighting need to be developed and improved. From this point of view, it can be said that at present, the technology and market of light health industry at home and abroad are on the same starting line, and there is considerable room for development

invisible light application

"Therefore, invisible light applications include IR LED and UV LED.

let's start with IR LED. With the release of iPhone x, face ID was born, and the potential of IR application has been emphasized and highlighted again by the giant apple.

ir LED has been developed for many years, but with the rise of modern IOT, biometrics and wearable devices, various sensors and image recognition technologies are becoming more and more important. Such as iris recognition and face recognition The biosensors of wearable devices will be the fields in which IR LED can play its role. With the maturity and popularization of these technologies, the market potential of IR LED will be considerable

say UV LED. The mainstream of UV LED development is UV-A led and UV-C led. UV-A led mainly focuses on UV curing market applications. UV-C LED can be used in many fields, such as food preservation, air purification, water purification, sterilization and so on, with great potential

plant lighting

in recent years, the shortage of cultivated land, the surge of population, food safety and other problems have made "stabilizing food supply" a global problem. Plant factories are an efficient agricultural system that realizes the annual continuous production of crops by controlling the indoor ecological environment, so the potential of plant factories is predictable. As an important part of the operation of plant factories, the development space of plant lighting is also considerable

led has many advantages over traditional plant lighting sources, such as it can emit specific red and blue light required by plants, higher efficiency, and can be closer to plants

with the rapid development of facility agriculture and the in-depth study of plant lighting, LED light source has a promising application prospect in the field of plant lighting with its unique advantages

source: ledinside

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