New house decoration rookies can also become prawn

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For the "rookies" who have no experience in decoration, decoration is a troublesome job. The professional terms "jumping out" from the mouths of workers and salespersons in decoration material stores make people confused

for "rookies" who have no experience in decoration, decoration is a troublesome job. Professional terms "pop up" from the mouths of workers and salespersons in decoration material stores make people confused. Therefore, we should first understand some of the most basic knowledge in decoration, so as to avoid being in a hurry on the day of actual combat. A "rookie" who knows nothing about decoration can also become a "prawn"

one decoration company compared the price of three

1 The owner revealed that the quotation of the same home decoration is 10000 yuan

Ms. Liu recently plans to decorate a 97 square meter new house. She went to a well-known home shopping mall to make an inquiry, expressed her intention to decorate with main materials to two decoration companies with similar popularity, and asked the two companies to do budget and design respectively. The quotation difference between the two companies is 10000 yuan

Ms. Liu compared the two quotations and found that the two companies not only had different quotations for the same brand and specification, but also had some differences in details: for example, the former generally marked the water circuit material as 3000 yuan in the quotation; The latter water circuit materials not only have a separate price list, but also indicate the brand and specification, and the quotation is about 600 yuan more

2. Expert advice

when decorating, consumers ask for three prices to choose their own design schemes and materials

special attention should be paid to the following points: first, units or individuals who solicit business in the name of not making money and discounts should be rejected

secondly, family decoration should have the procedure of cost budget: material cost, construction cost, management fee, profit, etc. should be clear, while decoration companies or construction teams without reputation, quality and service assurance often adopt the practice of "opening low and going high" to contract business

third, be vigilant about the leakage of engineering projects by selected decoration enterprises or individuals. They often take advantage of the fact that customers do not understand decoration, so they deliberately omit items in the construction project list, and then add items and increase the quotation during the construction period

fourth, we should not abandon the principle because we are greedy for small and cheap goods, carefully choose reputable and powerful decoration companies, and respect the reasonable profits earned by their labor

fifth, before signing the contract, we should clarify the materials, construction procedures and service items we need, check the name, materials, quantity, practice, unit price and total price of the items listed in the quotation, and require the designers to provide the "environmental protection pre evaluation" report; Finally, the detailed construction method and material name shall be indicated on the construction drawing as an annex to the contract





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