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Advantages of Salonica products

1. Production process of Salonica upholstery: upholstery templates are carefully carved and cut by precision engraving machine, with precise blocks, easy splicing, full and uniform arcs, and special shapes and curves are the characteristics of our products

comparison and extension: traditional upholstery or zigzag strip upholstery, with simple shape, is basically limited to square, and is often affected by worker technology and machine accuracy, As a result, the seams are easy to be exposed when the soft bag is spliced, which affects the beauty of the soft bag

2. Thessalonica upholstery material: the fabric is imported from Turkey. The Turkish fabric production company's largest cooperative brands in the world are luxury LV and Gucci. The fabric has pure color, soft and delicate feel, sun resistance and no fading. At the same time, it also has the advantages of wear resistance and scratch resistance (the number of wear resistance reaches 16000 times, and the leather is only 12000 times), flame retardant, moth proof, light weight and so on. Salonica soft bag insists on using only environmental friendly acoustic materials with sound-absorbing, flame-retardant, moth proof, heat insulation, light weight and other properties

contrast and extension: the surface of the fabric of soft bags on the market is rough, the color is dim, easy to fade, and afraid of grinding

3, installation method of Thessalonica soft bag: Thessalonica soft bag adopts the principle of fastening the child and mother belts. The installation and disassembly are simple and easy, which is convenient for daily maintenance. Moreover, because it is a finished installation, it not only improves the installation efficiency, but also avoids secondary pollution on the construction site

comparison and extension: the traditional soft bag installation uses strong glue or is fixed directly on the soft bag with a code nail gun, which is poor in environmental protection, affects the overall sense of value due to the exposure of gun nails, and is not convenient for the maintenance and management of the soft bag

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