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The bathroom background wall is a key link in the bathroom design, which can determine the whole washing style, but how to create a unique bathroom background wall is very confusing. Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian has collected several beautiful and tasteful toilet design drawings for you, so that you can take a bath and see the scenery without delay

the owner of this bathroom decoration effect drawing must like small animals very much. From the bathroom background wall to the bathtub design, animals are designed to accompany the owner to wash and take a bath. Moreover, the dog pattern on the bathroom background wall is lifelike, and every detail is so clear that we have a close contact with the dog. For the design of the bathtub surface, we also choose the design with black and white, which is very similar to the pattern on the dog, as well as the black basin and white floor. The simple and bright bathroom design is very brilliant

this bathroom is designed with a bathing style. Does it look like an open mouth after decorating the mirror with branches of wood? It reminds me of the scenes in Harry Potter. For children's shoes who like fairy tales, such a bathroom mirror makes people look like entering a fantasy world. They miss the mantra "magic mirror, magic mirror tells me who is the most beautiful person in the world". The stone basin below is perfectly integrated with such a mirror design in style

tiles of different shapes and colors have pieced together an interesting pattern on the ground. The curve around this center to the surrounding brings a beautiful and mysterious visual sense to the bathroom decoration effect drawing. The design of the washstand is also full of the smell of Mediterranean sea water, as if this is a space carved by sea water, which makes life permeate with the refreshing atmosphere of Mediterranean Sea





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