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Mimaki and GMG jointly launched a new proofing solution

recently, Mimaki Europe cooperated with GMG to launch an innovative solution for high-end packaging equipment for the metal printing market

compared with common solutions, GMG col has been developed into orserver 4.6 color management software for injection foaming molding at this stage, which can realize full-automatic color conversion. GMG smartprofiler is suitable for printer scale adjustment and pressing, and can realize continuous and accurate color output on any material

gmg colorserver will be used on Mimaki ujf-605 printer to create a very practical solution. This scheme is applicable to the printing and packaging industry. The key to its competitiveness lies in:

1, but it is not complete. It can realize accurate color digital proofing on the original substrate. It can use white ink and support glossy surface

2. Digital printing of packaging model with accurate color can be realized

3. Save cost and shorten production time

gmg CEO Paul Willems said: there is no doubt that the new solution will set an important quality standard for the industry. No competitor can achieve continuous color printing on so many media. We are pleased to work with Mimaki to launch a highly competitive printing solution

Sakae sagane, managing director of I European company, said that Mimaki and GMG together provide the most efficient proofing solution for the packaging and label market, and will be welcomed by customers

compared with traditional printing technology, digital printing reduces the cost and production time. Mimaki ujf-605 UV spray 1, timely lubrication ink printer has achieved optimization in digital proofing. After GMG color management technology is adopted, perfect color matching, high-quality reproducibility and optimal printing quality with a resolution of 1200dpi will ensure its printing output on a variety of materials, such as metal sheets, cans and composite boards

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