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The year 2001 is the first year to implement the Tenth Five Year Plan for military packaging, and it is also a key year to do a good job in military packaging during the tenth five year plan. The key points of the work of the Military Packaging Committee are to continue to strengthen the organizational construction of the Military Packaging Committee, do a good job in packaging research and research for special tasks, and do a good job in packaging research and improvement, while ensuring the implementation of the relevant requirements of the military packaging tenth five year plan and the implementation of the initial tasks of the military packaging tenth five year plan, Vigorously carry out academic and technical exchanges on packaging

First, ensure the implementation of the tasks for the first year of the Tenth Five Year Plan for military packaging. The Tenth Five Year Plan for military packaging aims to promote the sustainable development of military packaging and ensure that military packaging is safe, reliable, simple, convenient and economical. It focuses on strengthening packaging research, developing packaging technology, improving existing packaging and improving packaging level. In the specific implementation, it is necessary to shorten the front, make overall arrangements and pay attention to practical results. For this reason, corresponding measures and methods should be formulated according to the actual situation that military equipment and materials can delay the spread of fire even if they catch fire, and in combination with the work plan of the business department, so as to actively and steadily implement the tasks of the first year of the Tenth Five Year Plan for military packaging

2001, on the premise of ensuring the opening rate of packaging research projects, we should continue to do a good job in the demonstration and preliminary investigation of packaging research and improvement projects, realize the pertinence and feasibility of project research, and promote the further improvement of military packaging level during the Tenth Five Year Plan period

II. Continue to strengthen the construction of organizational structure and improve the working mechanism. After the change of office, the Military Packaging Committee began to change to a coordinated management system based on business management system, which will play a better role in better carrying out military packaging. However, faced with the arduous task during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, packaging branches at all levels still need to continue to strengthen the adjustment and enrichment of organizational structure according to the situation of this term change, especially in improving the working system and establishing a reasonable mechanism

2001, we should focus on straightening out the division of tasks, responsibilities, office procedures, document transmission and other issues between the Military Packaging Committee and the branches and secretariats, strengthen coordination and cooperation, and gradually form a packaging management network with smooth information, close links, mutual promotion and flexible operation, so as to create necessary conditions for actively carrying out packaging work throughout the army

III. carry out packaging research for special tasks

the Military Packaging Committee shall organize relevant departments to carry out packaging research for special tasks in combination with the needs of the CMC for special logistics support and equipment support

in order to ensure the implementation of this task, the Military Packaging Committee should carefully study and put forward the key contents, technical approaches and implementation plans of the research work, organize relevant personnel to carefully find out the problems existing in the packaging, analyze the causes, and provide technical advice for the management departments at all levels to take effective measures on the packaging by means of on-the-spot investigation, discussion and other forms. For the key issues that affect the special logistics support and equipment support, necessary funds will be taken to invest in this kind of "capsule" endoscope robot gastroscope, which is highly complementary to the traditional gastroscope. The organization will cooperate to tackle key problems, so as to ensure that the packaging plays an active and effective role in completing the special tasks

IV. do a good job in packaging scientific research and improvement

in 2001, the packaging scientific research work focused on the research of key projects such as the research on the decision-making consulting system of military packaging engineering and the electronic manual of military packaging engineering. On the premise of paying attention to innovation and progressiveness, we should also work hard on practicality, so that the packaging scientific research can play a better role in promoting packaging progress and improving the level of packaging technology

in terms of packaging standardization to meet their own needs and even the needs of the world, we should appropriately increase the investment, speed up the preparation and revision of packaging standards, do a good job in the complementary work of packaging standards, gradually expand the coverage of packaging standards, and ensure that there are rules and laws to follow in the process of ordering, circulation, management and use of military product packaging. Servo valves or proportional valves are used as control elements for closed-loop automatic control

in terms of packaging improvement, the Military Packaging Committee and all branches should work with relevant departments to formulate improvement plans according to the improvement priorities put forward in the Tenth Five Year Plan in combination with the packaging problems and weak links found in the business work, take effective measures, and focus on the packaging improvement step by step

v. vigorously carry out academic and technical exchanges on packaging

2001, the military packaging Commission should continue to carry out various forms of academic and technical exchanges. Expand the information content of "military packaging newsletter" and "Military Packaging document collection", publicize the important position and role of military packaging, introduce the development trends of packaging at home and abroad, and exchange the experience and experience of various packaging branches in packaging work; Using the existing local area of the military system to carry out packaging information technology services; Organize qualified sub committees to investigate the packaging technology at home and abroad, expand the content of packaging technology exchange, and make full use of civil packaging resources and technologies

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