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The tensile strength of the 10th China International Defense Electronics Exhibition was reduced to the lowest; The 10th Beijing national defense electronics exhibition is in full swing when the consumption of CPE is 60 ~ 80 parts. As a biennial authoritative military industry exhibition, it has attracted enterprises from all over the country to participate in the reinforcement of military and industrial products such as computers, experimental instruments, fire control radar systems, automation instruments and systems. Of course, in addition, Military storage wide temperature solid state drives also appeared in this exhibition, and showed a rich product line. Yuancun's wide temperature SSD solid-state drive, which focuses on stable and safe operation in harsh environments, has made a wonderful appearance at the exhibition site and become one of the most interesting exhibits in this exhibition

2.5-inch SATA interface wide temperature SSD solid state disk provides a safe storage solution for military reinforced computers

in modern military applications, through stable wide temperature solid state disk, it can provide rapid response for military reinforced computers and operate computers instantly; Secure storage of confidential data. Yuancun's 2.5-inch SATA interface wide temperature SSD solid state drive in this exhibition adopts the self-developed special master control scheme for wide temperature SSD solid state drive, and safely stores data through high-quality flash flash particles. Due to the master control scheme adopted by the wide temperature SSD solid state drive and the internal structure performance of flash memory particles, the complex internal structure of the mechanical hard disk is reduced, the product power on time is saved, and the system is quickly started; At the same time, there are no complex components, which is more conducive to the application of products in complex operating environments. It is very suitable for military reinforced notebooks, industrial computers and other equipment to operate in environments such as vibration and impact. At the same time, customized functions such as one click delete, power-off protection and write protection are more suitable for confidential devices

high speed solid-state memory card PCI-E card increases the server bandwidth, provides fast, stable, safe operation, and storage performance to expand capacity

nowadays, with the rapid economic development and the continuous progress of science and technology, with the continuous popularization and development of IOT, cloud technology is also constantly expanding, and the application of servers is becoming more and more extensive. In the face of a huge user population and data, the traditional server hard disk can no longer meet the needs of customers. Meta memory PCI-E card is a wide temperature solid state disk product specially used for servers and other devices that need to quickly process big data. The maximum capacity of this product supports 8tb, which is enough to meet the current market demand and provide bandwidth for the equipment. The product PCB adopts multi-layer board design to make the product performance more stable; The interface is designed with 30mil gold finger, which will not cut flowers or affect data transmission even in the state of frequent plugging. The 2TB read/write speed is up to 3600/2600mb/s, which is very suitable for servers and devices with high IO performance

the three-day China International Defense Electronics Exhibition is in full swing. In addition to the above two products, Yuancun also displays PATA, msata, CF card, CFAST and other wide temperature solid-state drives. It is expected to learn more about Yuancun wide temperature SSD products. You can experiment at booth 8b12 of China International Exhibition Center (old museum). Professional commentators and technical engineers will introduce more performance of our Yuancun series products and oem/odm customized service solutions one by one

consulting Yuancun wide temperature SSD

Yuancun wide temperature SSD SS Bartel is considering adding a new Licensor D solid state disk product exhibition in Europe

Yuancun wide temperature SSD solid state disk product exhibition

Yuancun wide temperature SSD solid state disk product exhibition

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