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According to the associated press, a recent survey on the dairy market shows that children are more and more interested in milk in round plastic bottles, and gradually lose interest in the former half pint (British and American capacity or liquid name, equal to half a quart) of milk in paper boxes

according to the data of the U.S. Dairy Committee, the new materials of muyong production runway are favored by the market, which shows that innovation is the last word. Previously, more than 1250 schools in the United States have turned their attention to bottled milk. Of course, this is only a small part of American schools, but it is a big change compared with the zero record in 2000

"keeping those square cartons lubricated is a big problem for children," said Steve Ember, Minister of agriculture of New Hampshire? After studying the development trend of 320 schools in New England, Taylor said, "school teachers admit that you even have to spend the whole green lunch time to open those packages."

in fact, plastic packaging has long been favored by the soda water and other beverage markets. It was not until a survey conducted by the U.S. dairy Commission in 2002 found that the consumption of schools trying to bottle milk increased by 18%, and other schools in the United States began to follow suit. The survey also found that drinking bottled milk can make children drink cleaner and reduce the waste of milk

the transformation from carton packaging to plastic packaging has enabled the school to keep up with the overall development trend of the milk packaging market. According to the statistics of the U.S. Department of agriculture, in 2001, more than 82% of milk products in the United States were packaged in plastic, an increase of 15% compared with 1971

the increase in the consumption of bottled milk in schools is attributed to preschool teachers to some extent. They say that plastic bottle caps are easier for children to open, round bottle packaging is more suitable for children, and enterprises can breathe in the second half of the year. Of course, market insight still dominates. A few years ago, the carton packaged milk appeared on the market together with the quite eye-catching bottled fruit juice and soda water, which was very common in schools. The relevant departments of the dairy industry predicted that it would not have a good market prospect

nowadays, many schools place bottled milk in upright refrigerators with transparent glass front doors - just like convenience stores. For the sake of obese people, all American schools have replaced soda vending machines with milk vending machines

recently, Wendy's and McDonald's fast-food chains have also replaced cartons of milk with bottled milk, with sales soaring. Bottled milk has also brought new business opportunities to the school catering industry, which has always maintained its operations by providing lunch

the United States has rarely drunk milk since the 1970s. Dairy industry officials hope to reverse this trend in children and increase the consumption of milk in the United States

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