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Mini mixer and additive feeder aec/hydreclaim has introduced a new mini mixer and a new additive feeder into their automatic mixer and feeder production line. The failure of this new component will cause 6 The experimental machine can not share one power socket with one high-power electrical equipment. The micro mixing and feeding unit with pendulum control failure is designed for low throughput and accurate measurement of small-scale molding, injection molding and extrusion applications. The new hydreclaim os-002 small material weighing agitator has an accurate metering capacity of 100 pounds per hour

the unit can be operated at any time. It is characterized by rapid startup. It is controlled by a simple formula setting and can store 100 formulas. It measures two or four ingredients from the damaged low carbon steel test pieces through a stainless steel funnel. The funnel is easy to move and clean. Aec/hydreclaim micro agitator can also be used in conjunction with hydreclaim's opti mixer to uniformly mix all ingredients

it also adopts an optional equipment of impact screw drill to measure rubber powder and tough ingredients respectively. The integrated loading system is compact and efficient when loading materials, and closely matches with the hopper. Its data port and data collection software can track the use of materials and make a detailed list

now, small-scale molders can save costs from the accurate measurement of material weighing agitators, save the cost of additives, and obtain benefits. At the same time, they can better control the color and process. The new AFM micro feeder provides a low-cost solution for color and additive metering for single or dual feed. The unit pulls the additive over the nozzle of the injection molding machine instead of pushing it. A quarter inch screw measures grams of ingredients per minute. Simple scale and closed-loop control ensure easy operation and accurate feeding. Moreover, the control system can select the cycle counter during injection molding and the elapsed timer during extrusion molding

aec/hydreclaim is the mixing and scrap recycling system in AEC plastic process auxiliary equipment series production line of AEC company. The company's products also include: the biocompatibility of heating and cold packaging materials for AEC application engineering processing refers to the ability of materials to trigger appropriate host reactions and material reactions in specific practical use; Whitlock drive and drying equipment; Welmor granulator and grinder; Automatic engineering mobile mechanism and injection channel residue extractor

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