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Mingyang wind power group has set up a research and development center in Europe

Mingyang Electric has set up its first research and development center in Europe. How to break the bottleneck of market utilization of new materials? Changguowu proposed to inject strong impetus into wind power technology research and development again. Zhangchuanwei, chairman of Mingyang wind power group, told that recently, Mingyang wind power group and Risoe wind energy laboratory, the world's top key wind energy laboratory, signed a cooperation agreement in Roskilde, Denmark, and the two sides will carry out strategic cooperation

Mingyang has set up a European R & D center and cooperated with Risoe to carry out technical research in the fields of wind energy development and optimization, wind resource utilization, wind and solar complementarity, etc. At present, it mainly provides engineering and technical services for Mingyang 3MW offshore SCD ultra compact fan to support the Swedish market demand. In the long run, this move will be of strategic significance to Mingyang wind power group's forward-looking product development, talent introduction, overseas technology platform construction, supply chain management and development, and overseas market expansion

zhangchuanwei said that in September this year, Mingyang European R & D center will carry out registration and other preparations; The R & D center will be officially put into operation in October, reaching a scale of 30 to 40 people by the end of this year. It is understood that Risoe is a world-class laboratory dedicated to promoting the global application of wind energy, enhancing the competitiveness of wind energy, and conducting research and development of new wind energy technologies. Two thirds of its staff are scientists and engineers

as for the reasons why Mingyang has set up its R & D center in Europe, Zhang Chuanwei analyzed that the establishment of Mingyang's European R & D center is the strategic deployment of Mingyang wind power group in Europe: Polyurethane glass fiber reinforced paper honeycomb composite helps the automobile lightweight Bureau, which is a key step for Mingyang wind power group to expand its overseas market and maintain its technological progressiveness in the industry

it is understood that as early as 2006, Mingyang group cooperated with German aerodyn company. As a wind turbine design company, aerodyn has profound design experience. Relying on its continuously accumulated technical resources, Mingyang signed an agreement with the other party to jointly develop the joint design and development contract of 1.5MW wind turbine, and changed the common way of purchasing design drawings and equipment from other countries at that time, From the very beginning, it firmly grasped the initiative of independent innovation, which enabled Mingyang to have the intellectual property rights of wind turbines, accelerated the technological upgrading process of Mingyang wind power, promoted the localization of wind power technology, and made Mingyang a complete machine design and manufacturer with core technology

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