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The mini electric vehicle market presents "Matthew effect" three focuses to achieve the sales champion

with the change of consumer demand for travel tools, especially the rapid growth of people's demand for travel tools in the fourth and fifth tier cities, the mini electric vehicle market has ushered in an outbreak period, gradually transitioning from the previous brutal growth stage to the current strong constant strength stage. The competition among enterprises is no longer the marketing means of plagiarism, imitation and grandstanding, but the transition to a stage of all-round competition from products to customers to brands. The Matthew effect is staged again in the micro electric vehicle market

the sales data of micro electric vehicles in the first half of 2017 has been released. As a brand that continues to lead the development of the industry, the sales volume of reading cars has increased again. With the sales volume far exceeding the second place by 1.5 times, it has greatly widened the distance from other micro electric vehicles, proving the unshakable sales crown of reading cars. Many consumers regard reading automobile as one of the preferred brands for travel. Insiders also say that the development mode of reading automobile is different from other competitive brands with frequent tricks in the market, and has become one of the model enterprises of miniature electric vehicles in China

focusing on user experience and achieving excellent products

reading automobile is an enterprise that understands and understands the needs of Chinese consumers and puts consumer needs first. It is oriented by user needs and actively improves its product and technology layout

for example, with the increasing demand for SUVs, reading took the lead in releasing the first SUV S50 in the mini electric vehicle market in the industry. It not only applies the SUV professional chassis adjustment technology, but also uses the u-cari2.0 vehicle interconnection system. Through the mobile terminal, it can realize intelligent services such as remote control, automatic vehicle search, anti-theft monitoring, real-time location, audio-visual interaction, and real-time interactive communication between people and vehicles, It has created a considerate service for Redding car owners, which not only ensures the competitive advantage of products, but also keeps Redding at the top of the competition chain in the mini electric vehicle market

at present, reading has three positive R & D platforms: hatchback, hatchback and SUV. The seven series of product lines are unique and the product types are distributed most comprehensively in the industry. The electric vehicle products with multi-level demand have guided a new direction for the development of the electric vehicle industry. Today, the quality of Redding's products has been upgraded again. All lithium battery products adopt the IV drive lithium battery super drive technology. The power efficiency has been increased by more than 15%, and the endurance capacity has been increased by 30%. A perfect balance has been found between performance and endurance

the star product line perfectly shows Redding's strong R & D strength and the ability to quickly iterate and upgrade new products. It also continues to lead the rapid upgrading and development of PCC high-energy masterbatch, a new material made from industrial products, and ushers in a new era of integrating technology, quality and fashion for micro electric vehicles

focus on customer value and achieve partners

in addition to high-quality products, high-quality services depend more on the common growth of channel partners. Reading has opened up a regular and perfect 4S store and service system in the industry, which has brought more perfect experience to customers, not only improved the soft and hard strength of the distribution points, but also promoted the sales of products. Finally, reading, users and various channels have achieved a win-win situation

the surface of the picked vegetables is covered with gray oil stains

as early as 2014, reading first put forward a new model of 4S store channel construction in the industry, integrating vehicle sales, spare parts, after-sales service and information 6, nano-2 silicon oxide feedback, providing comprehensive protection for consumers, and winning the recognition of every reading user with higher service ability and service level. The construction of Redding electric vehicle 4S store has subverted the existing distribution mode of the electric vehicle industry in 2013, and created a new distribution mode of electric vehicle +4s store. The innovation of this mode is the result of Redding's keeping pace with the times in the market development, and it is also the only way for the development of the industry

the success of reading mode has made many micro electric vehicle enterprises aware of the importance of 4S store construction and began to follow the example of upgrading, thus driving the improvement of the overall level of the industry. In 2016, Redding announced that it would support 100 million level and 500 million level dealer partners. The increase of the level will inevitably lead to the improvement of comprehensive strength. The output of personnel training and mature process system can most quickly meet the growing service needs of users, thus ensuring that Redding's user service system has always been in the forefront of the industry

focus on brand building and achieve industry benchmark

in the era of brutal competition in the entire micro electric vehicle industry, reading takes doing a good job in the brand as the guiding idea, not only improves its products and services according to the automobile standards, but also actively responds to the national policies and calls, and constantly improves the competitiveness of the brand

in 2016, Redding S50 fleet crossed 34 counties and cities, becoming the world's first electric vehicle that successfully crossed the ten thousand mile silk road. Redding, with its unique courage in the industry, justified the name of micro electric vehicle, also proved to the world the excellent quality of Redding's leading industry standards, and successfully established a new image of China's new energy vehicles

2017, with the full support of the CCTV discovery journey "quality" column, reading d80li team experienced the challenge of 2800km extreme environment and became the first electric vehicle to successfully cross the Great Wall, showing an extraordinary pioneering and challenging spirit and winning wide praise from colleagues in the industry and people along the way

reading's focus has given a new enlightenment to a relatively new and somewhat impetuous industry. Only enterprises that focus on user value, customer value and brand value can go further and truly benefit the development of the whole industry

throughout the rise of Chinese national brands, both Huawei in the IT industry and Tencent in the Internet sector have won the market and the respect of users in this way

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