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The market share of new environmental protection building materials will be as high as 94%

the market share of new environmental protection building materials will be as high as 94%

May 12, 2014

[China paint information] with the advocacy of green building, new environmental protection building materials also welcome the development opportunities of plastic companies with a wide range of customers. New environmental protection building materials are new varieties of building materials that are different from traditional brick, tile, sand, stone and other building materials. In terms of functions, they include wall materials, decorative materials, furniture materials, building plates and related hardware and adhesive parts. Different from traditional chemical or metal materials, new environmental protection building materials include natural materials and renewable materials, which is the most obvious feature of the operation steps of its fatigue durability testing machine

in recent years, new environmental friendly building materials have shown new characteristics: first, they meet the functional requirements of buildings for building materials, taking into account the aesthetic requirements of buildings. Second, it has natural affinity for the natural environment, conforms to the principle of sustainable development, and is not polluting and destructive. Save resources in the process of use, do not produce (or rarely produce) harmful substances that are destructive to the environment in the production process, reduce the load on human living environment, and realize the recycling of non renewable resources. Third, it can build a convenient, healthy and comfortable environment for human beings

the market share of new environmental protection building materials will be as high as 94%

new environmental protection building plates generally have excellent characteristics such as light weight, high strength, heat preservation, energy saving, pollution-free and so on. The use of new building materials can not only greatly improve the function of the house, but also make the inside and outside of the building more modern and meet people's aesthetic requirements. Some new building materials can significantly reduce the self weight of buildings, create conditions for the promotion of light building structures, promote the modernization of construction technology, and greatly speed up the construction speed

the awareness of green building materials will guide the market

take "gypsum board, glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) board, asbestos free calcium silicate board" as an example. The main raw materials of paper faced gypsum board are gypsum and protective paper, which are suitable for making interior wall panels and ceiling panels; The main raw materials of glass fiber reinforced cement board are low alkali cement and alkali resistant glass fiber, which are suitable for making inner and outer wallboards; The main raw material of calcium silicate board is calcium silicate. It is a strategic alliance material for technological innovation and achievement transformation of industry university research cooperation. In addition to using detectable steel strands as internal and external wallboards, it can also be used for decoration and making furniture combined with houses. The common characteristics of these three kinds of plates are: using them as the original plates, together with functional materials such as anti-seepage, heat preservation and fire prevention, and using composite technology, various new wall materials with light weight and superior performance can be produced. In addition, the raw materials used by them are all non-metallic materials, which are the three most accessible non-metallic materials

in the future, China's new environmental protection building materials market will inevitably be accompanied by a larger market expansion. Building materials enterprises should seize the opportunity of this market outbreak, closely follow the world's green environmental protection concept, take renewable and recycling as a breakthrough, take the energy-saving route, take one belt, two belts and three belts, as long as one person begins to pay attention to the direction of building materials environmental protection, it will surely make more enterprises and consumers close to environmental protection

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