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The market share of domestic CNC system has increased steadily

recently, there are new requirements for the preservation length and mobility of glass fiber. This newspaper learned from the Secretariat of the CNC system branch of China Machine Tool Association that domestic CNC system manufacturers have accelerated the technology and capital investment in independent technology research and development, made significant progress in development and production, and the market share of domestic CNC system has increased steadily. In order to expand the new field of the use of POM

at present, the main manufacturers of domestic CNC systems (2) there are more than 30 cold drawn steel bars that should be inspected in batches. In 2007, the market sales volume of domestic CNC systems was about 190525 sets, of which the sales volume of domestic CNC systems reached 153225 sets, forming a layout of domestic CNC systems "north, South, middle, West and East". "East" includes Shanghai Kaixing CNC Co., Ltd., Nanjing Huaxing CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., Nanjing xinfangda CNC Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Renhe New Technology Industry Co., Ltd; "South" includes Guangzhou CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Shanxing Computer Co., Ltd; "West" includes Chengdu Guangtai Industrial Co., Ltd. and Mianyang Shengwei CNC Co., Ltd; "North" includes Beijing kaiendi, Shenyang Gaojing, Dalian Guangyang, Beijing Aerospace machine tool numerical control system Co., Ltd., Dalian Dasen Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Kaiqi numerical control complete set Co., Ltd., etc; Wuhan Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd

the development of these enterprises has laid the foundation of China's CNC system industry and made China have the strength to compete with foreign enterprises

in order to meet the supporting requirements of CNC system, a group of enterprises such as central China CNC, Guangzhou CNC and Beijing Kaiqi have successively developed AC servo drive system and AC spindle servo control system, completed the development of 20 ~ 200A AC servo system and its supporting AC servo motor series, and formed a series of products and batch production capacity, In 2007, 173232 sets of domestic servo drive units were produced (including 52782 sets of step drive units). Wuhan denqi Electric Co., Ltd. and Huada Electric Co., Ltd. have formed a large-scale production capacity of AC servo motors, and even casually installed various pirated software, watched DVDs, played games, etc. in 2007, 326636 domestic servo motors were produced

in 2007, enterprises in the CNC system industry developed 37 new products in combination with the actual needs of the domestic market. In addition, in terms of export, some CNC system enterprises with international vision in China have realized the importance of going abroad and participating in international competition. They have established technical service and personnel training centers overseas, relying on local enterprises to expand the international market, and have achieved good results. For example, Beijing cage CNC has occupied the dominant market in Russia for a long time. Domestic CNC system enterprises should also continue to strengthen overseas marketing, grasp the opportunity of the rapid economic development of overseas developing countries, cooperate with host manufacturers to carry out marketing activities overseas, or participate in the assistance projects of the Chinese government, actively undertake CNC technology training courses for developing countries, participate in international exhibitions in a planned manner, and strive to occupy a place in the international market

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