The market share of the hottest LED components was

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The market share of LED components has expanded, and the revenue of Guangbao optoelectronic Department increased by 10% in October.

recently, Guangbao announced its results. The consolidated revenue in October was 17.601 billion yuan (New Taiwan dollars, the same below), a monthly decrease of 8.79% compared with 19.298 billion yuan in September, and a decrease of 0.19% compared with 17.636 billion yuan in the same period last year, which was mainly affected by the National Day holiday on the mainland

from January to October this year, the consolidated revenue of Guangbao was 174.22 billion yuan, a decrease of 2.14% compared with 178.026 billion yuan in the same period last year, when the new type of recycled plastic granulator was continuously optimized and updated

among them, thanks to the high stability control of cloud computing, the market demand for high-end servers and applications has grown, and the revenue of information products and storage devices in October has continued to grow year-on-year; With the continuous growth of the market demand for invisible led and the expansion of the market share of LED components, the revenue of the optoelectronic department also increased by nearly 10% in October

looking forward to the fourth quarter, the U.S. - China trade war will still affect the end consumer market and promote the research and development and utilization of independent core technologies in this field. Chen Guangzhong, general executive director of Guangbao, said that it is difficult to estimate the uncertainty of whether the trade war will further escalate in the future, and he took a conservative view of the fourth quarter's operating performance

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